Is it time to close one camp so another larger camp can open?

While Occupy Vancouver, Victoria and Quebec City prepare to be shut down by city officials wouldn’t it be good to hear that one site will close so that greater opportunities to spread the message can be created?

Which City will claim the prize of having the bravest Occupiers of making such a move?

Which Occupiers will see that there is a greater good by changing the method of spreading the message through the mediums that the so called 1% use?  Would this move legitimize the Occupy movement?  OR?  Would it galvanize the movement and force its supporters to show where their support truly lies?

There are many different segments of our society that have shown support for the Occupiers in the past weeks in many cities.  There are the churches that have sent food and water, the sporting goods stores that have donated socks and other warm clothing, the government agencies that have not forced the occupiers out and allowed them to remain as long as they are peaceful and respectful and there are the unions that are providing some much needed amenities.

Here is the thing for me, I don’t get it.  I get why they are occupying in the US, but not so much here in Canada.  Yes there are inequities and a huge imbalance between the haves and the have-nots.  I am quite certain that I am not part of the 1%, but am I part of the 99%?  I do not think that I am alone in this thinking.  The Occupiers have yet to hit a note that really strikes a chord with me on why they are camping in Confederation Park. They have not defined why they are there to a single point like Occupy Wall Street has.  I have been reading every account I can from different sources to try to get a sense of what Occupy Canada is about.  I have also been watching the updates posted by VideoManOttawa on You Tube.  Danno, under the guise of VideoManOttawa, has been going to the Occupy Ottawa site and recording the spokespersons and giving them an outlet where Mainstream Media has not.  You can find his updates here:

I am proud that I ran as a Progressive Conservative in Ottawa Centre in the provincial election, the PC Party platform was the only one that was designed to help those in Ontario that needed the help, from lower taxes, reduced HST and the removal of a claw back in Ontario Works and ODSP benefits.  These moves were something that should  have  resonanted with the organizers, supporters and many of the 99% that Occupy Ottawa says they represent.

While no one has asked Occupy Ottawa to leave Confederation Park…yet, it may be time for the organizers to rethink the strategies in place and move the protest from the landscape of the park to the political landscape on the Municipal, Provincial and Federal fronts.  What this will reveal maybe the most interesting part of the Occupy phenomenon.  The political affiliations and political players that come forward would be more than enough to bring the main stream media back to report on the Occupy Movement and if it doesn’t, the political cold shoulder will be easier to the take than the cold winds whipping through the park in an Ottawa winter storm in January.


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