Showing OCTranspo Drivers some L-O-V-E

OC Transpo drivers have not been shown the love lately, so I have decided that the most visible City of Ottawa worker needs some support for the work they do.  Here are ways we can spread a little affection their way.

O – Offer a “Hello” when you board the to the Bus Driver

C – Complain and Compliment if you must to 613-842-3600 or here

T – Time, a driver knows when they are behind, they can’t always control it

R – Remember that the bus is the Drivers workplace, Respect the space they need to drive

A – Allow for a bad day, cranky customers will affect everyone some way on some days

N – No one wants to make sure you have a good ride to or from work more than your driver

S – Smiles make a day go a lot better

P – Patience as the City works though route optimization and crowded buses

O- Offer a “Thank You” to the Driver when you leave the bus

If there is anything that could be fixed call OC Transpo, your Councillor or Councillor Deans, the Chair of the Transit Commission.

To find contact information for your Councillor click here:


One thought on “Showing OCTranspo Drivers some L-O-V-E

  1. dannydeh3

    Shouldn’t “conservatives” oppose public funding of public transit? Prior to extensive government intervention in land use, through zoning, development charges and property taxes, there were privately owned and operated streetcars in Ontario.


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