Their way or the highway

Yasir Naqvi is not going to like this…

I don’t expect that Yasir and I agree on how Ontario should be run, we both want the best for Ontario BUT would go about it in different ways.  Yasir and his Ontario Liberals are continuing to spend their way out of the economy tailspin they put us in.  The latest Speech from the Throne which was titled “Moving Ontario forward” should be renamed “A speech from the ruins” as it lacked any ideas or plans to reduce the deficit and debt built over the course of 8 years of Premier McGuinty.

In came more money to be spent and money given away.

No needed spending cuts, public sector wage freezes or caps.

No breaks for working families (which are part of their 3rd party coalition) on ‘luxuries like home heating’.

It did not come with a plan for Health care that will take Ontario into 2030 and beyond.

It did not come with ideas that will be supported by all three parties in the House.

It did not come with any thread of the spirit of cooperation a Minority Government should have.

In short, the throne speech was all the Liberal Promises threaded together into one document.  The Speech is a series of announcements that were rejected by 62.4% of Ontario voters in the October election.

The Liberals highway of good intentions to work with the PC and NDP parties is covered with nails.

This week the government was defeated on a bill introduced by the NDP and seconded by the PC Party to remove the Ontario 8% portion of the HST on home heating and hydro.  The vote was 54-50 in favour of the opposition.  Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has come out and indicated the Government would kill the bill and let it lie and never be called for a final vote.

Liberal priorities lie elsewhere according to John Milloy the Government House leader.  Indeed they do, for their priorities do not lie with helping Ontario families to live within their budgets.  They do not lie in making Universities and Colleges accountable for increased education.
They do not lie in recognizing that spending should never be more than revenues.

They do not lie in reining in the cost of public sector wages.

And they do not lie in building a cooperative 41st sitting of the Ontario Legislature.

Watch out for the nails on the road.


One thought on “Their way or the highway

  1. dannydeh3

    If people can’t afford to pay for home heating, the market solution would be to move to a higher-density and/or smaller dwelling unit, as the delivery charge and overall consumption will be reduced (and the capital cost per square foot are lower and is less costly for government to service in general). The first-past-the-post voting system ensures minimal cooperation. Previous Progressive Conservative governments had the option of changing the electoral system to prevent 62.4% of those who cast a vote from having a minimal voice.


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