Today’s announcement by Premier McGuinty that new Anti-Bullying Legislation  ( http://tiny.cc/knlrw ) will be introduced in Queens Park is welcome for not only what it will accomplish in the short term, but what it could do in the long term.

The legislation will undoubtedly have support from all parties as it will make all students feel more comfortable in how to deal with bullies but it will also make bullying the new stigma that society can no longer let go without action.  Nepean Carleton MPP Lisa Macleod  who spoke out against bullying in Queens Park in the first weeks of the new session is working with Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi and Allan Hubley, Ottawa Councillor for Kanata South,  to build on this legislation (http://www.cfra.com/?cat=1&nid=83026 ).

So while the legislation will have a great response to how we will help those in school yards and hallways look after themselves and know where to find help, the echo of its success will be felt years later.

There is no scientific evidence to support that those that bully others in the schools go on to continue to bully as they become adults and may commit even more dangerous crimes.  This announcement helps lay the foundation to help adults that are victims of being bullied to know how and where to find the help needed without feeling shame or have to fear retaliation.

There are many wonderful organizations that are working to help children deal with bullies in school and in the neighbourhoods.  Kids Help Phone ( www.kidshelpphone.ca ), the Distress Centre – Ottawa and Region ( www.dcottawa.on.ca ) are working with the Do it for Daron Foundation ( www.doitfordaron.com ) in Ottawa and across Canada and the US to Teens and Youth in distress.
This legislation could have a long lasting positive impact on Ontario’s children.  Lessons and strategies our children learn today will have a bigger impact as they become adults and have their own children.

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One thought on “#NoMoreBullies

  1. Kelowna Lorne

    Maybe times have changed since I went to high school in the early 60’s. To find out what bullying is these days I went to http://www.kidshelpphone.ca The first thing I found was this:
    “Social bullying involves using your friends or other relationships against someone. Some examples are:
    Spreading rumours
    Excluding someone from the group
    Trash-talking behind someone’s back
    Ganging up
    Breaking up friendships on purpose”
    Good grief. It seems that pretty much my whole damn school were a bunch of bully’s. Makes me wonder how we ever made out without Kids Help Phone’s or Distress Centres or whoever-that-is Foundations or Teens and Youth in distress. It’s comforting to know there is a whole industry of professional counselors out there to deal with these rumour mongers and trash talkers.

    Anti-bullying legislation, there’s the ticket. That should put an end to it. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Let’s expand government control, create a bureaucracy, hire social workers, hold seminars for teachers (on paid PD days of course), and write vague rules where the victim gets the benefit of the doubt and the accused are guilty unless they can prove their innocence. Believe me that’s what will happen. Just like enforcement of the Human Rights Act.

    #nomorebullies indeed. Good luck with that.


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