Ottawa the Good and Giving

This past Saturday, a record amount of food was donated and filled OC Transpo buses across the city to help the Ottawa Food Bank through the Christmas and New Year’s needs for families the count on the food bank.

The Food Drive is just the tip of the iceberg of the generosity that exists within the hearts of residents in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Within the past few weeks Ottawans have given to the following causes and campaigns to help everyone in our city.

The United Way of Ottawa wrapped up their annual campaign by raising $31.5 Million.

A Radiothon hosted by Rogers Radio Stations in Ottawa raised $170,313 for the Snowsuit fund and CFRA Hosted the CFRA/Bruyere Radiothon had more than $2.4 million donated.

There are so many other ways that we give, it could be by throwing money in a Fireman’s boot in the Santa Claus Parade or filling a Salvation Army Kettle.

This time of year many organizations will be making requests for their good causes as each looks to have a balanced book with hopes of starting 2012 with a flush account and plans to do more good work for Ottawa and Gatineau.  If you are able to please consider helping any of these organizations.

Ottawa you are Good, Giving and very Generous!

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