Happy New Year!

To all that have been reading Red Heart Blue Sign since it was launched in October this year, thank you.

While being the PC Party Candidate in Ottawa Centre in the Provincial Election provided me with my first opportunity to speak out on what I believe in, Red Heart Blue Sign has allowed me to continue to speak to you about Ontario, the City of Ottawa and issues that affect us all.

The best to each of you for 2012, thank you for making 2011 a memorable year for me.


1 thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Dollops Eric Doll

    Beware the do-gooder, for the outcomes from his help may differ from but will never improve upon the original circumstances. The only way to actually change another’s circumstances for the better is to impress upon him that his beliefs and actions have consequences and that only he can remedy his problems. Those who are incapable of processing that message should be generously cared for, but with reasonable limits to their freedom. A truly caring society will avoid, despite the heart-wrenching headlines, excusing or even encouraging bad choices. Any rational individual can turn his life around in an instant when motivated to do so and the greatest impediment to being so motivated is the mitigation of the consequences of bad choices – the playground of progressives.


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