Ontario PC AGM this weekend

I am in Niagara Falls this weekend for the PC Party of Ontario AGM through to Sunday.

The meeting of Ontario Conservatives will be a chance to meet up with our colleagues and friends we met and worked alongside with during the October election.

This will also be a weekend were we have a chance to meet the new PC MPP’s and find out how they are succeeding in their roles.  We will also confirm Tim Hudak as our leader as I expect he will receive overwhelming support from the 1500+ delegates that are in here.

I think the most important part of this weekend will be an affirmation that Ontario needs a PC government to put the province back on track and put an end to the McGuinty mess of debt, deficits and direction due south of Ontario’s reputation.

Through the next three days, there will be talk of the loss October 7th, but that is natural and needed for our policies to develop and for everyone to reconvene to our purpose of electing Tim Hudak as Ontario’s Premier when the next election comes around.  The party must focus on the main goal of showing Ontario that the PC Party is ready to lead with sound economic policies and programs that put Ontarians first.  We will be talking about jobs, the economy and energy – the three pillars that are needed for Tim Hudak to lead this province.

The AGM will elect a new executive; I am pleased that Eastern Ontario will be strongly represented by Rob Elliot, Charmaine Clayton and Dan White as Vice-Presidents.  I am happy that we have three outstanding candidates vying to be the PC Party President with Richard Ciano, Kevin Gaudet and John Snobelen.  After much consideration and speaking to the candidates and delegates supporting the three candidates for the Presidency I will be supporting Richard Ciano for Party President.  Richard believes as I do that grass roots – the members and supporters of the party will drive the success that will bring a PC government to Queens Park.

Through the weekend many will be tweeting, you can follow along with the hashtag #pcagm12.

Feel free to jump in where ever you will be this weekend.

I can be found on Twitter @robertdekker and on Facebook at http://tiny.cc/n5l97. Please follow me and send your thoughts on this and other postings.


One thought on “Ontario PC AGM this weekend

  1. Stephen Skyvington

    from Northumberland Today, February 9, 2012

    Memo to Tim Hudak: How to win the next election

    By Stephen Skyvington

    For what it’s worth, Tim, here are a few suggestions to help ensure you win the next election — whenever that might be….

    1. Stop focusing on Dalton McGuinty so much.

    He’s irrelevant, quite frankly, and likely won’t even be the leader of the provincial Liberals in the next election — unless that election occurs sometime within the next 18 months, which it won’t.

    Your obsession with the premier is bordering on the pathological.

    Suggesting McGuinty needs to enter a 12-step program in order to get his spending addiction under control, as you did just before Christmas, is quite frankly an insult not only to the office of the premier, but also to those who legitimately need or are enrolled in 12-step programs.

    McGuinty is a tax-and-spend Liberal.

    We get it. Stop going down this road.

    2. While you’re at it, stop being such a good leader of the opposition.

    One reason it was easy for the electorate to envision Jean Chrétien as prime minister back in 1993 is that he was such a lousy opposition leader.

    You, on the other hand, have been an excellent leader of the opposition.

    In fact, you’ve been too good. Unless you want the voters to anoint you opposition-leader-for-life, I’d highly recommend you stop finding fault with everything the McGuinty government does and start telling us what you plan on doing should you win the next election.

    At the same time, it might be a good idea for you to quit telling everyone you’re going to bring down the government and force an election in 2012.

    Unless you’re actually prepared to fight an election this year, you probably shouldn’t be going anywhere near this.

    Saber-rattling is fine if you can actually pull it off. But remember, he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

    Surely, there were more than enough self-inflicted wounds in the last provincial election to put an end to this kind of cheap political theatre for at least the next 12 months.

    3. Apologize for the ‘homophobic’ flyer.

    Tim, you really need to do the right thing here. The flyer, which was distributed mostly in Peel Region by some local candidates, and contained a number of inaccuracies such as the suggestion that the new K-12 curriculum includes cross-dressing for six-year-olds, really crossed the line.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting for a moment that you apologize for your party’s stance on the issue.

    I’m just saying that if you were smart, you’d set up a meeting with Toronto District School Board chair Chris Bolton and apologize to the people of Ontario for allowing such a misleading piece of literature to be distributed in the first place.

    And while you’re at it, Tim, why not apologize for the “foreign workers” comments at the same time.

    Even though the Liberals set you up on this one, your unfortunate use of that term cost you and the party enough votes in Toronto and the rest of the GTA to ensure you had no hope — less than a week after the writ was dropped — of winning the past election.

    So go ahead. Do the right thing. Apologize for both mistakes. People love it when a leader admits they were wrong and takes full responsibility for their actions.

    4. Talk about your vision for the province of Ontario.

    Don’t just focus on what the current government is doing wrong. Instead, try telling the people of Ontario what you’d do as premier.

    In fact, it wouldn’t hurt if you began every sentence with the phrase “If I were premier…” before sharing your vision.

    Oh, and by the way, a vision isn’t about cutting things. It’s about building things — something Rob Ford has lately learned the hard way.

    While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to stand for something. Former premier Mike Harris was fond of saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

    He was right.

    5. Finally, don’t fight the last election all over again.

    It’s a classic mistake for strategists to want to correct the mistakes they made during the previous election.

    Unfortunately, this approach rarely works. Case in point, the Tax Man campaign you and your team ran this past year would have been the perfect approach for John Tory in 2007. That campaign would have made Tory premier and won the PC Party a majority for sure.

    Unfortunately, by the time you got around to running that particular campaign in 2011, it was too late. The voters had already taken out their anger against McGuinty in the 2010 municipal election by choosing Rob Ford over George Smitherman and in the 2011 federal election by choosing Stephen Harper over Michael Ignatieff.

    In fact, the real irony here is that Dalton McGuinty beat you by running the same campaign Harper ran back in the spring. In both elections, the voters clearly preferred the devil-they-knew over the devil-they-didn’t-know.

    Please, please, please. Don’t make this mistake a second time.

    Bottom line: you can win the next election, Tim. Will you? That depends on how good a listener you are.

    Stephen Skyvington lives in Cobourg and is the president of PoliTrain Inc. He can be reached at politrain@sympatico.ca .


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