It’s my money and I want it now!

Ontario’s Liberal Government quietly (very quietly) introduced changes to the way it pays out your provincial Income tax refund.  I only heard about this, not through any government email, advertising or letter but on the news last night..  Here is the article from the Toronto Star on this,–income-tax-changes-eliminate-refunds-for-many-ontario-residents.

There was a time when as much as we detested completing our income tax forms, we also looked forward to receiving the refund – a lump sum to do with as we pleased, after all it was OUR money – the government was just holding on to it. The McGuinty government has once again determined it knows what is best, and chose not to say very much about it.  Low to moderate incomes (what dollar value indicates if you meet those criteria) will no longer receive their Ontario Tax credits with their federal tax refund.  Premier Dad, along with Uncle Dunc is going to hold onto your money and start giving you an allowance beginning in July.  The days of using the money to pays bills, buy a treat for your children or gasp, try to put some of it in an RRSP are over.  Instead the government is going to hold onto your money and collect the interest on your money to pay down its debt and deficit it has created with a ‘spend and pay for it later policy’ for the past 9 years.

I went to the government website looking for the announcement regarding the change in tax refunds.  I noticed that on the English site the rotating messages on the home page are Tuition grants, seasonal winter food and March Break in Ontario – nothing about tax changes.  The French site had the same messages.  Searching the government website for information on Ontario Tax Credit changes I found out about a Film and Television Tax Credit, Co-Operative Education Tax Credit, Employee stock option Tax Credit and an Innovation Tax Credit – NOTHING about the changes in the repayment of the Ontario Tax Credit, in fact when searching Ontario Tax refund the changes are not in the top 10 items that come back in the search.

The Ontario government has relented and agreed to back off and give Ontarians a choice this year, the usual lump sum payment or the monthly allowance, but has already stated the option will NOT be offered in 2013.   It is time to speak out about the Ontario government taking over yet another part of our lives – determining how we get our money back.  Contact your MPP; in Ottawa Centre we are lucky, we can take the message right to the Ministry of Finance as our Liberal MPP, Yasir Naqv, is the Parliamentary Assistant to Ontario Finance Minister Uncle Dunc!

Come to think of it, I would have expected that Yasir Naqvi would have notified his Ottawa Centre residents about this change.  Ottawa Centre has significant population that fit into the low to moderate income bracket, won’t they be getting a nice little surprise?

It is time for this government to stop telling Ontarians how to live their lives and how manage their day to day affairs, it is time for a government to respect the rights of individuals and do what a government should do, govern – not parent!

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7 thoughts on “It’s my money and I want it now!

  1. Betty Ann Chambers

    If you go into Trillium Benefits on the provincial website, you will find that they have combined the GST rebate (4 installments ,the last two will be Feb and May)Ontario energy rebate and property Tax credit and northern Ontario energy rebate( 4 installments, the last two will be in March and July) into one monthly payment starting in July 2012.

    It took me a long time to find it. They had it well hidden

  2. Don from BC

    Solution: Set up your pay deductions so that you will owe a small amount at the end of the year. You’ll need to determine what you’re going to write off (ie: donations, RRSP contributions and other deductions) and then fill out the magic form with your HR/Accounting group at work.

    Just remember, you will need to put some of that money away over the year to pay the upcoming tax bill. But you’ll have YOUR money in hand, not the nanny state.

  3. frances

    If you want to find out the REAL deal about this, ask a firm such as H & R Block. They’ll be in the firing line, as angry clients find out they are no longer getting a big refund or – even – having to pay.

  4. pat richardson

    what a joke they havent screwwd seniors and low income people enough but still got elected. the joke is on us folks pat


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