Black, White and Read all over

I am trying to find out who has been putting my newspaper on a diet.

I LOVE to read the newspaper; maybe it stems from my days as a 12 year old delivering the old Scarborough Mirror with my wagon full and then going collecting for the papers every two weeks.  For those that remember, those collection cards with tear away tabs for weeks paid are now for history – but that is when you got to know your neighbours and when a payment was a click away it was because I punched a hole in a card.

I’m back from my youthful flashback – I do not usually get to read my paper until late at night.  If the headlines scream at me when I get my paper from the front door I’ll take a look at it, but I normally don’t have the luxury of sitting down for 30 minutes to scan the paper before getting the day underway.

Yesterday my Sunday Citizen has 32 pages (including the ads).  The Previous week’s edition had the same and today’s paper has 28 pages.

Are we now past the days where we would spend our Sundays (and Saturday mornings) taking an hour or two read the paper?  Is it tablet in bed instead of the New York Times?  I do have a tablet and use it to read news items found on Twitter or through the apps downloaded, but it doesn’t replace the paper and ink I look forward to reading each day.  I also depend on my computer for access to the news service websites. The tablet merely supplements my daily news fix and usually the apps I download come from papers I don’t get at my front door.  I have a number of friends that are slowly going 100% online or are already there.  I am not sure I am ready to make that leap.

I think that the National Post may have had it right when they did not publish on Mondays through the summer last year; they did maintain an online edition though for the latest news.  Is that where the print business is going?  Reversing a trend where more was key to readership?  Are less printed editions going to save the industry?

I long for the days of having more pictures of events, longer series of investigations.  Today we have links for photos, videos and longer and more detailed investigative stories.  I know they enhance the experience but rarely do I go to the links.  Yesterday gave in and I went online to see photos of the Ottawa Comicon at the CE Centre from Saturday hoping for many photos of attendees dressed up in costume, there were 15 plus one video.

I don’t know what the long term future of the newsprint business looks like, but please don’t deny me my 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  To fill my weekend reading I now have to load up on The Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun, Globe and Mail along with the National Post as I get my fill of the smell of newsprint and ink I so love.

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One thought on “Black, White and Read all over

  1. bertie

    When the newspapers,again start printing true stories,instead of made up lies,maybe people will stop cancelling their subscriptions.Readership is going down as I type this reply.If you want lies and unfounded smears on peoples reputations,keep reading the Citizen or any of the RAGS from Toronto.I would think they are run by some maniac that thinks the newspapers still run the country..The newspapers clout has disappeared since PM Harper put them in their proper place in the pecking order.LAST..So anyone still reading newspapers,should pick and choose wisely papers that have two points of view and are not trying to overthrow the duly elected Government.


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