Looking for Mr. or Ms. Good News

As of late I have been disappointed in the print versions of the newspapers I read, mainly the Ottawa Citizen and the Globe and Mail.  I have not recently been engaged in a newspaper that keeps me occupied for hours as I once was with interesting stories about people and issues.  I now get through my weekday Ottawa Citizen in about 30 minutes.  I rarely read an entire article as I have lost interest halfway through. I did try to reduce my Citizen subscription but only keep the Thursday through Weekend editions so I can keep my online access, but there was no option for me to do that, so I kept the 6 day delivery. Some days the paper does not even get picked up off the table and read.

Is it just me?  Or are there others like me feeling the same way?

What I would really like to see or hear is a Good News report, a weekly TV or Radio newscast that only broadcasts ‘Good News’.  No Wars.  No Crime. No Political Scandals.  Nothing that makes me do anything but break out into a smile and perhaps shed a tear of joy.

Just to be clear, I do not consider Media Releases and Announcements from Government types as good news.

I went looking for Good News, here is what I found.

Nothing says good news like great cuisine, the Good News Café in Thunder Bay looks like a place I need to go to.  I have to ask Liz’s daughter Briana and her husband Claude to check it out for me.  I can go there myself when we head to T-Bay for Christmas. http://www.goodnewscuisine.com/about.html.

Next was “Good News Everyone!”  This seemed to originate from the animated TV show Futurama featuring Professor Farnsworth; I don’t know how this would classify as good news – unless you are a fan of Futurama.

This popped up for me, http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/, they claim to be #1 on Google for searches of ‘Good News’, though for me the Good News Café came up on top.  This website only has Good News and was created by a TV producer who wanted to prove that good news sells.  It must sell as they have been ‘enthusing people’ since 1997.  The GNN is liked by over 24K people on Facebook.  But even Good News has to have a bad day – their website was hacked over the weekend, but the Good News was that there is no payment info (credit cards etc.) on their site, all payments are through PayPal.

Next up was Good News from the Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/good-news/.  Lead stories include a trash collector that returned $117K that was mistakenly thrown out.  There is an editorial on why we put happiness on hold (and how to stop doing it), a story about a New York cabbie that gives out candy and so much more.  Be warned though, one click to a link on the top banner leads you back to our world of chaos, mayhem and troubles.

On Twitter I can follow such good news deliverers such as @bbcgoodnews @goodnewsaol  @latimesgoodnews and the above mentioned Good News Network at @geriwc (she is the founder) to name a few.

Tell me what you come up with on your hunt for good news.  Happy Good News Hunting.

I can be found Twitter @robertdekker and on Facebook at http://tiny.cc/n5l97. Please follow me and send your thoughts on this and other postings.


One thought on “Looking for Mr. or Ms. Good News

  1. old white guy

    i feel much the same way. i however would not waste the money for the paper in order to read the online version. there are just too many free sources of info and interesting stories and articles available.


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