Busiest Month Ever

I wish this month could sail by a bit faster, not because it is not going well.  Not at all as I am accomplishing much and achieving even more.  I only look at moving October along so I can get to November, a quieter month.  October has recently been the month that holds so much for me in terms of meetings, meetings and meetings.  This may be due to last October having an election and the needed election clean up.  September last year was all about the campaign not a normal cycle for me.  Looking back at months past I wonder if there is a pattern that makes October so busy this year.

November is Not so overtly busy as regular meeting schedules kick in and I normally count on one week per month of no meetings or events.

December for me is not the killer month it is for others.  While a couple of weekends are booked solid for Christmas Parties I am hired for I am not crazy about the busy-ness of the month.  I am more a Christmas Spirit person, not one to run around for the 24 days preceding Christmas.  I shop one day, do it quickly (it is well planned and with as few store stops as possible), I am not the shopper that retail likes.   New Years is a quiet affair, I last DJed a News Year’s Eve Party over 10 years ago.  2012 might proof different as we are planning on a Thunder Bay Christmas travelling on the 25th heading north.  The highlight for me is the Daybreak Housing Christmas Dinner; I cook a Turkey and spend an evening with the women and men who rely on Daybreak for a place to call home.  Learn more about Daybreak here: www.daybreakhousing.com.

January is the December hangover, not many people able to move and the committees and groups I work with slowly get back up to speed.

February is my new favourite month and not because it is the shortest.  A normal schedule is back in place but more importantly I celebrate the anniversary of my wonderful relationship with Liz.  It is my happy month.

March and April are much like February, regular, well planned and routine (in a good way).

May is very much appreciated as the change in weather allows for altering plans and meetings.  We can once again enjoy our ‘outdoor room’ as we call the large balcony.  Meetings take a new turn, they are brighter and we see the outcomes take place that we have been working towards since the fall.

June is the first of two transition months, everything moves into summer mode determining what can wait until September and what needs attention through July and August.  Planning for the new cycle which starts in September is first brought up.

July and August, vacation months as many organizations take a summer break.  Even sitting on group executives as I do does keep me occupied, but not at the same pace as September through June.  There is enough time to have that work-life-community-fun balance.

September is the BIG transition month, one where we go from idling to racing in almost every aspect of our lives: school, work, government and sports.  The fact that we have a long weekend to start the month and the fall session of our lives allows us to catch our breath before we burn a little rubber out of the gate.

Back to October, I have no idea how next October will work out, but for the remainder of this month efforts are going towards smoothing the ripples of my activities to ensuring calm waters are ahead.

Adding more hours to a day, days to a month or months to a year would not help – we would just find that we can add more to do!

I can be found Twitter @robertdekker and on Facebook at http://tiny.cc/n5l97. Please follow me and send your thoughts on this and other postings.


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