Hot Air over Hot Gas Plants

li-620-mcguinty-cp04394107The former Premier of Ontario has fallen his sword; Dalton McGuinty is taking the blame for the high cost of moving the two Gas Plants that ultimately saved Liberal seats in the Ontario 2011 election and all for  ‘saving the children’.

In his testimony before committee in Queens Park today, McGuinty claimed it was his decision to halt the construction of Oakville and Mississauga plants.  While the decision to stop the plants was made very quickly, the process to allow this construction is a long and arduous one with public consultations.  Throughout the consultations the government was told, “Do not build here”, but yet they plowed ahead and started construction.  The government throughout the consultative process ignored the calls for the safety of children in Oakville and Mississauga.  But when it came to the safety of their government, the Liberals trumped the children.

While it is convenient for Dalton to take the blame, there is advice given and opinions offered before a decision is made.  During a campaign the ‘team’ kicks in and plots the steps the campaign takes.  In the case of the cancellation of Gas Plants, many voices would have a say.  We deserve to know who spoke on this issue; this is NOT a one man decision.

The Ontario Taxpayer is now on the hook for a $600 Million charge to re-elect Liberal MPPs (and move gas plants).  The responsibility cannot and should not end there.  Ontario does not have the spare $600 million sitting around for ‘emergencies’ like this.  This type of on-going fiscal management would not keep any of us in a position of a Financial Manager or a Chief Financial Officer – the Liberals must be held accountable for this $600 Million and the other Billions lost at the hands of Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals.

Nice “sword act” today Mr. McGuinty but it is not enough.

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One thought on “Hot Air over Hot Gas Plants

  1. Thucydides

    “The right thing to do”

    The right thing to do in the case of perjury is jail time. Too bad we won’t see the “right thing” get done for McGuinty, Wynne and all the others…


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