McGuinty’s gone, but not long forgotten


I had a conversation at a tenant BBQ in Ottawa Centre, the person lived in Ottawa South and would be voting in the By-election on August 1st.  Asked if they had decided how they were going to vote and if they minded telling me, “Liberal” is the reply I received.

I asked why, and inquired if she was not concerned about the waste of money – the gas plants etc.  They replied saying the candidate was not connected to any of those decisions and didn’t feel they were reasons worthy of changing their decisions.

The voter above could be in the minority of Liberal supporters.


Like other Ottawa/Eastern Ontario MPP’s, PC Candidates and PC Party Leader Tim Hudak, I have been out supporting Matt Young in his bid to become the Ottawa South MPP on August 1st by going door to door.  The work ethic Matt has put towards this campaign is indicative of how he will not let any Ottawa South resident have to wait for assistance from their MPP.  With Matt as their MPP, Ottawa South will no longer have an absentee representative.

To me it is no surprise that many doors are changing colours, noting that they do not support how this current Liberal McGuinty/Wynne government has decided to first place 


gas plants, remove them and then cover it up. This will be the legacy that ends the Liberal Party reign in Ontario.  A legacy built on spent and wasted millions of dollars, billions of dollars of debt and deficit and the deceit that is ‘lost’, ‘deleted’ and then found.

This round of five by-elections will be a vote of confidence for the Liberals, a confidence that is slowly being taken away from the government by the strong leadership of Tim Hudak in these by-elections and by Matt Young the PC Candidate in Ottawa South.

Following the 2007 and 2011 Provincial Elections, we have always asked, ‘how can people support McGuinty after raising taxes, hydro rates and imposing a new tax on Ontario?’  In 2013 we see that voters have finally seen through the spin and spent money. 

By the end of day August 1st, Ottawa South may very likely have an MPP that is not a Liberal or a McGuinty. 

I hope to see the electorate of Ottawa South vote Matt Young to represent Ottawa South in Queens Park

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11 thoughts on “McGuinty’s gone, but not long forgotten

  1. Thucydides

    Best of luck, but don’t forget these elections are no longer between parties but Government unions and crony’s vs the taxpayer.

    The Unions and Crony’s are much better organized than the taxpayers, so may yet win again

  2. Nicola T.

    I would agree if the gas plants got the publicity they deserve versus Mike Duffy’s $90,000 repaid. E-mails released day when everyone only interested in royal birth.

    1. redheartbluesign Post author

      It is a shame that no news network has spent the time on this story that some reporters are on Duffy. The $90k there pales to the millions wasted by the Liberal Government.

  3. Pissedoff

    Just heard on the Lowell Green show that Fraser as been asked for all his e-mails and any other docs related to the gas plant cancellations. He was on a list that included McGuinty and Wynne, put out by the investigating committee, so maybe that voter should find out more.

  4. gary

    The liberal scandals reminds me of the AdScam when Chretien conspired with Paul Martin to step down and put Martin in charge to take the flak and absolve Chretien of any blame. There is still $145’000’000.00 missing and not one Liberal has come forward from that ear to tell what they knew and when. Now we have the Ontario Liberals doing the same thing, and it’s no longer funny to see Wynne,Chretien,martin and McGuinty use the Sgt.Schultz defense when it’s OUT money they robbed from us and nobody appears to be going to jail over it. The corrupt Public Unions prop-up the Liberals and does the NDP under Horwath. Time to call in the RCMP and start arresting people to do some serious jail time in a A$$-pounding federal prison. Svend Robinson never should have gotten away with his crime of stealing a $60’000.00 item because no black youth would have gotten the same treatment for a lesser crime. Liberals and NDPer’s all pretend to be for equal justice no matter the income or social status, but that’s only until it’s THEIR neck in the noose and THEN they want special treatment as a MP or MPP .

  5. quanga

    “I asked why, and inquired if she was not concerned about the waste of money – the gas plants etc.”

    You should have mentioned the child pornography scandal, in which Kathleen Wynne herself is implicated, like it or not.

    I’ve talked to as many people as I can and they’ve all been shocked.

    The blogger BlazingCatFur suggested that during the by-elections every single Liberal canvasser should have been greeted with “Say hi to Kathleen Wynne’s child pornographer”.

  6. dannydeh3

    The provincial government discriminates against tenants due to the legislation determining how the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation calculates the property values being based on the value of land and building rather than land alone, and due to northern Ontario, with a relatively low proportion of tenants, possessing a lower provincial electoral quotient than “southern” Ontario. It is not surprising that governments discriminate against tenants, however, as they tend to be of lower economic status, and have a lower voter turnout, than property owners. Danny Handelman


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