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McGuinty’s gone, but not long forgotten: The afterMATH


In my earlier post “McGuinty’s gone, but not long forgotten” I boldly made two suggestions,   ‘by the end of day August 1st, Ottawa South may very likely have an MPP that is not a Liberal or a McGuinty.’

Sadly neither really came through for Ottawa South.  John Fraser came out on top in the Ottawa South by election by only 1300 votes and only a 4% gap between himself and Matt Young.  These numbers practically mirror that of the 2010 by election in Ottawa West Nepean where the Liberals took the riding by the same number.  In the 2011 election, the Liberals took the riding again, but by only 1009 votes (2.27% gap), where once they held it by a 9K vote margin.  The Ontario PC’s are set to take Ottawa West Nepean when we next go to the polls in a general election.

The example set in Ottawa West Nepean will hold true in Ottawa South and may even be expedited.  The Liberals saw their hold in the riding greatly weakened by the record of the Liberal government of scandal, cover up and taxpayer money wasted. These reasons, along with an Ontario PC platform that brings the province back from the brink, will be why the next government in Ontario will not be Liberal, but PC.

As for the second suggestion we would not have a McGuinty in the seat?  Fraser is ‘family’ with the McGuinty’s and called the riding Federal MP David, his brother.  He is keeping the hand that fed him close; this will come to be one reason for losing the seat the next time the voters next cast a ballot.

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