The NEW Labour Day Message: Fairness is a Two Way Street


Today we commemorate Labour Day, a day to recognize the labour force in Ontario and the establishment of unions to protect workers and to ensure workplace practices and fair wages.

In 2013 Labour Day should be taking on a different role.  Ontario’s workers should look at Labour Day to as a movement to have government protect them from losing their jobs and provide adequate job training and re-training programs.  Government needs to protect our Ontario workers from losing employment to workers coming across the Quebec-Ontario border while Ontario workers do not have the ability to work in their trade in Quebec.

While September 2nd is Labour Day on the calendar, the true show of Minister Naqvi’s support of the Ontario labour force comes September 12th when Ontario PC MPP Jack MacLaren’s (Carleton-Mississippi Mills) Private Members Bills comes to a second reading vote.  Bill 80 – Fairness is a two way Street, will rectify the disparity of the trade and construction workers between Ontario and Quebec.

The complete Bill is here:

The Liberal government, led by the Labour Minister from Ottawa Centre should be supporting this bill.  If he and his government, along with his fellow Eastern Ontario Liberals, fail to support Eastern Ontario Trade and Construction workers and do not vote for this bill, they will have signaled that Toronto is their focus and not the workers of Eastern Ontario that they represent.  It will also be another signal that this Wynne government is out of touch of the needs of the voters, workers and families in Ontario.

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One thought on “The NEW Labour Day Message: Fairness is a Two Way Street

  1. roger

    How sad that Unions at one point didn’t allow blacks to join, and the UAW in the mid 1940’s held a walk-out at the Packard Plant when 3 Blacks were p;romoted to Line-Jobs thought to be reserved for the smarter white folks. But even today, Public unions seems to be no side with the pro-hamas/Shariah Law islamists that are anti-gay ,and, many Union members claiming to fight for human rights seem to have no trouble vacationing in Communist Cuba with OUR tax dollars to prop up a thug and tyrant. In the 60’s the Teachers told me the the Communists were the bad guys and had bombs to kill us, but now Teachers exalt the misogynistic/homophobic/murdering Ernesto Guevera and love going to Cuba during our winters. Castro was at trudeau’s funeral and not one Public Unions protested this thug being in canada , now Trudeau Jr. objects to the brutal murdering of Brown females via islam ichonour killings being called “barbaric”. Justin went to a pro-Shariah Mosque known for the ties to islamism as the Super-race destine to rule the Earth for allah.


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