Connecting the dots…to Jobs and a better Ontario

jobsThis week Ontario Energy Minister ‘Bob’ announced an increase in the Hydro rates we will be charged.  We don’t even get time to adjust as the increases take place November 1st.  While I won’t go into their Red Green Energy Act, the increased rates further signify the failure of the Ontario Liberals to grasp that their plan is failing and our provinces’ economy cannot succeed with their ‘plan’.  In Sunday’s Toronto Sun Lorrie Goldstein presents a very good analysis of the McGuinty-Wynne handling of this file, you can read it here:

Let’s connect the dots to more jobs and a better Ontario

First, let’s take steps for Balancing the Ontario Budget.  Balanced Budgets lead to economic growth, this step alone encourages confidence in our province and will see manufacturers, entrepreneurs and new innovative businesses come back to Ontario…

…Modernize our Apprenticeship Program by looking at what other provinces have successfully done.  In Ontario have a one to one apprenticeship program.  Eliminate costly bureaucracies as in the College of Trades and cancel additional fees paid by our skilled trades people…

…do as our Federal Government has been doing, increase free trade.  Working with other provinces, Ontario can have freer trade between provincial boundaries.  Greater access to Ontario produced goods in Canada and globally creates a stronger economy and creates employment…

…Freer trade includes the unhindered flow of workers from province to province.  The current Minister of Labour, and Ottawa Centre MPP, sees no issues in a problem currently prohibiting Ontario workers from working certain areas of employment in Quebec.  Equal access helps both provinces…

…create a more liveable and healthier Ontario so those unable to work due to health concerns can become employable again through healthier lifestyles.  This includes more affordable housing, access to eating better, recreational activities and better/quicker access to healthcare…

…Make it easier and affordable for businesses to run in Ontario with lowering the cost of doing business here.  Higher hydro and tax rates hinder businesses from setting up shop in Ontario.  Stop regulation creep and eliminate anti-competitive regulations…

…Lastly, let’s maintain balanced budgets.  Economic growth leads to balanced budgets and reducing our overall debt.

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5 thoughts on “Connecting the dots…to Jobs and a better Ontario

  1. Pissedoff

    We do have free trade, with Quebec. They come and take our construction jobs, but Ontarians cannot go there. However all the smelting is going to Quebec because their hydro is a lot cheaper than ours.

  2. E Mac

    Pissedoff: Same here in NB as I understand it – allowed to work here but not there.
    Ontario – the new Quebec type have-not province, counting on handouts and equalization payments. All due to the provincial Libs and their payoffs for votes strategy. Worse then the NDP.

    1. redheartbluesign Post author

      I had not heard of the situation on the Eastern border of Quebec. Ontario, once a PC government as the current Liberal government won’t do anything, is elected and New Brunswick should be going to Quebec in a united front.

  3. Nicola Timmerman

    Ontario could have bought cheap environmentally friendly Quebec hydro electricity, but no, the Liberal government wanted to supposedly create Ontario jobs (how’s that working out with expensive hydro!). They then signed a expensive contract with Korea and committed the Ontario distribution network to carry green power at low cost to the suppliers. What a mess!

  4. Climatecriminal

    Liberals like all socialists love equality so much they are trying like hell to make us all equally destitute (well except for their union cronies) so be sure they will do the exact OPPOSITE of every one of the above suggestions if given the chance


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