College of Raids


This past week it was reported that a Barber has had his shop shut down because he doesn’t know about foils, colours and the latest in hair styles even though none of his clients ask for these treatments.

Read the story here:

The low down is that the College of Trades knows there is an inequity in this sector but is unprepared to allow this to slide until a study that is to take up to two years is completed.  Until then – if an inspector comes in and there is no licence, there will be a fine (tax), not once but potentially twice and eventually a shut down order.  These shut downs are going to be costly as many Barbers are self employed and also hire out chairs in their shops to others.

The College of Raids is nothing but a Liberal idea that does nothing but increases the cost of owning a business and load more red tape to business owners in this province.  No one can say why it was even created, It’s just duplicated services that were currently in existence in Ontario.

The Ontario PC’s have been clear that the College of Trade would be on the line to be abolished and the tax it was created to collect would disappear.  The College of Raids is another tax disguised as a ‘positive revenue generator’.  The PC Critic for Trades and Apprenticeship, Garth Dunlop (MPP Simcoe North) has toured the Province and is a vocal critic of the `College`.  While the `College` of Trades is not at the same level as the Green Energy Program when it comes to increased costs of business, it is another example of a misguided program from a misguided government that is costing Ontarians, only this time it is costing jobs and a livelihood.

While the story of these Ontario Barbers is only one to be heard at the present time, what other `trades` are going to be at the mercy of Ontario`s Trade Raiders?

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