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As Ontario’s second largest city, Ottawa has much to gain from the Ontario PC “Great Cities” White Paper released last month.   The 15th  of a series of documents that will start the conversation of just how a Tim Hudak Government can put our Province and our Cities on track to become prosperous and creating economic growth and jobs.

With 15 Paths identified to make our Cities great, there are several that have a direct impact on the Greater Ottawa Area.

Path #1 …uploading of Hwy 174 to the Province…

While on the surface it may not seem like such a big deal, the uploading of the cost of caring for Highway 174 is important.  The money the City attributes to this road can now be reallocated to several other urgent transportation issues Ottawa faces including but limited to Transit, LRT, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Path #3 …no new taxes…

Words that Ontarians want to hear.  Increased fees and taxes are a hallmark of the Liberal Government; the Ontario PC’s would not introduce new taxes to fund transportation and transit construction.

Path #8 …the province should use Private-Public Partnerships for the provision of future affordable housing…

Organizations like The Alliance to End Homelessness, have long been advocating for new affordable housing.  This path also benefits the Centretown Citizen’s Ottawa Corporation, a non-profit housing organization with over 1600 units in Ottawa, who will look to add more in the city.

Path 12 …make our Downtowns even better places to live…people in Condo deserve good access to schools, libraries and recreational facilities…

Paths 13 …keep property taxes down and fix Ontario’s arbitration system to take into account people’s ability to pay…

We need to ensure that we slow down to ever increasing cost of living.  A big part of that needs to make sure that arbitrators not only look at wages they award, but the impact of the arbitration awards on the people paying taxes for those increases.

Big Cities attract some of the most vulnerable in our society as they seek better lives.  The Ontario Great Cities plan also includes paths that are directed to helping these women, children, youth and men.

Path 14 …expose at risk teens to economic, educational and training opportunities…

Paths 15 …identify and treat children with mental health and autism in a timely way…

Paths 16 …treat chronic homelessness as a mental health and addiction issue, not simple a poverty issue…

“Building Greater Cities” takes a lot work, a plan and the political will to make it happen – to make our cities a great place to live for everyone.  The Ontario PC 15th White Paper shows that Tim Hudak and PC’s care and wants to make your city great and prosperous.

If you believe this is what we need to do, please support me in Ottawa Centre and Tim Hudak in Ontario by donating at  Only through an Ontario PC/Tim Hudak government can we make the turn and help everyone live in a Great City!  The read the entire document visit

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