One Million Jobs

Million Jobs

This past week, Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak announced his intention to introduce “The Million Jobs Act”.  It will be part of the Ontario PC platform when the next Provincial Election is called as there is little hope that the Ontario Liberals and NDP will embrace the act in Queens Park and pass the Act into law.

The act is based on five courses of action that need to be taken to bring good paying jobs to Ontario.

1.    Produce more jobs and increase take home pay through lower taxes and less debt.

The need to reduce our debt, Ontario’s debt has doubled from $139M to $273M since 2013.  It is on course to exceed $300M by 2015.  The Million Jobs Act will use tools, such as a government wage freeze and reduce taxes on employers so hiring can start once again.

2.    Ensure affordable energy that will create jobs, not eliminate them

The government has ignored the broader economy by focusing on creating jobs in the energy sector itself.  The government seems intent on making consumers pay the increased cost to achieve a narrow goal in this province.

The Ontario PC Party has been consistent in saying it will end the expensive subsidies paid for the Government’s Green Energy Plan.  The Plan is driving the cost of energy up in this province.  Ontario industries pay an average $85/megawatt hour, a 100% increase of that paid in Manitoba, Quebec and Michigan.

3.    Train more skilled workers to meet the demand in trades, help young people find good jobs

The Million Jobs Act will change the apprentice to journeyman ratio to 1:1.  The Act also eliminates the College of Trades which is another financial burden to workers and does little to create new jobs. (Read my November 29th Post “Making Workers Pay”)

Under the Liberal Government, over 300k government jobs have been created while the same number of manufacturing jobs has left our province.

4.    Increase trade with our neighbours

The Million Jobs Act will start negotiations for Ontario to have trade agreements with Canada’s Western provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.  Ontario needs to eliminate barriers that are costing the Ontario the ability to get the great products made here to the rest of the country.  Increased markets to our good will increase jobs and manufacturing.

5.    End bureaucratic runaround that inhibits job creation

The Ontario PC Party has been stating the need to cut the red tape in government since 2011, this costs Ontario businesses approximately $11 Billion annually.  The number of regulatory requirements needs to be reduced.

Over the course of three years 30% of unnecessary red tape will be eliminated.

One Million New Jobs, it is not just an act, but a promise to Ontario.  Under an Ontario PC Government, Ministers and the Premier will be held responsible for meeting targets in reduced spending and bureaucracy.  It is this type of dedication and focus on the economy and the Ontario taxpayers that will result in the growth and success that Ontarians needs and want.

If you believe this is what we need to do, please support me in Ottawa Centre and Tim Hudak in Ontario by donating at  Only through an Ontario PC/Tim Hudak government can we make the turn and help everyone in Ontario.  You can see more on the Million Jobs Act at

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1 thought on “One Million Jobs

  1. monkey

    On the whole seems like a good plan and certainly one I can get behind. I think a million new jobs is a bit optimistic, but considering we are losing jobs now, even if he falls short, its sure a lot better than what we have now. But it will be a tough sell as far too many buy the left wing argument that bigger government creates more jobs (which it does not).


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