“Safe Hands”


Good to know there are “Safe Hands” guiding Ontario…guiding Ontario further into debt and further down the road to where California and Greece have been.  It’s not a road I choose to follow.

“Safe Hands” indeed.

The “Safe Hands” of Kathleen Wynne and Yasir Naqvi are planted deeply in your pockets taking your hard earned money from you to their friends.  The appointments of Sandra Pupatello as the chair of the OPG and Neala Barton as Senior VP of the PanAm Games are latest examples of these “Safe Hands” helping their own.  Both have deep ties to the Liberal Party of Ontario and deep ties to Dalton McGuinty.  “Safe Hands” have paid out over half a Billion dollars in severance packages to the Former CEO the games, Ian Troop.  The severance of the two SVP’s recently released of their duties at the games has not been released, but their payout will push the amount paid up to Gas Plant territory, over One Billion Dollars.

“Safe Hands” indeed.

The “Safe Hands” of Kathleen Wynne and Yasir Naqvi have introduced a Political Transparency Bill.  Some measures in the bill can be traced back directly to actions of the current Ontario Liberal government.  Unwieldy spending to compensate the Executives of ORNGe, eHealth, the PanAm Games and OPG are going to punish other sectors where properly compensated expertise is required to run efficient organizations.

The best that can happen is that true Political Transparency occurs, a Provincial Election.  An election  where the McGuinty-Wynne-Naqvi Governments can be held to account for the billions that could have helped all of Ontario rather than the select few friends of the Liberal Party.

“Safe Hands” indeed.

The Political Transparency Bill also addresses the handling of government documents. The bill specifically identities the destruction of documents, sound familiar? The McGuinty-Wynne Government is currently being investigated for deleting emails related to the closure of the Oakville and Mississauga Gas Plants.

“Safe Hands” indeed.

It is time for “Strong Hands” and positive steps to create jobs, an environment for manufacturing growth and a government Ontario can count on.

“Strong Hands” for a #BetterOntario.

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2 thoughts on ““Safe Hands”

  1. monkey

    I think simply are ridiculously high debt and deficit is enough alone to say we need a change in government. Wynne says Hudak is too right wing, but here’s the reality that if the Liberals were fiscally responsible, there wouldn’t be any need for a strong dose of austerity, but when you act fiscally responsible that’s the only option available. And her attacks on the NDP are laughable. The Liberals under Wynne have swung so far left they now sit to the left of the NDP. I don’t want the NDP to win but I actually believe Howarth would be less harmful to Ontario’s finances than Wynne.


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