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It’s time for a (Democratic) Ontario Spring


In Ottawa Centre all things are pointing to springtime.  The snow has melted away, the street sweepers are going full blast, the potholes that have multiplied since the end of winter are slowly being filled AND the tulips, daffodils and crocuses have started to burst through to show their green

What’s needed to show that Ontario is moving on to something better is a democratic Ontario spring.  Signs are pointing that voters will have their opportunity to decide the future of our province with the announcement that the Wynne government will bring their budget forward on May 1st.

It has been 50-50 since the start of the year whether Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP will support, vote against or abstain when the budget is eventually called for a vote.  This week Ontario Newswatch ( ) reported that Horwath and the NDP will not support Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals.  For many that still does not provide enough of a cushion that Ontario will be going to the polls – but it is the closest we’ve been to an election since McGuinty prorogued Queens Park and fled Ontario in October 2012.

Until we know for sure, I will be going door to door talking to voters and talking up Tim Hudak’s #OneMillionJobs Plan and the Ontario PC plan for a #BetterOntario.  Our efforts in Ottawa Centre are paying off; we’ve earned new supporters and new volunteers.

Join me and my team in Ottawa Centre by visiting today and volunteering and donating.

In Ontario, spring is only one vote at Queen’s Park away from showing up.


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