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Did we ask for a Coalition Government?

Incredible as it seems, votes have not been counted, in fact the majority of votes have not even been cast and the Liberals are mulling over the idea of a Coalition Government with the NDP.

It doesn’t matter if a coalition is technically possible to do, I just don’t recall either the NDP or the Liberals campaigning on forming a coalition government.  On top of that, no one in Ontario has asked for a Coalition Government.

While there has not been the ‘ask’ for a coalition, isn’t that essentially what Ontario has been operating under since October 2011?  The Ontario NDP have supported the Liberals either by holding their noses and voting for them OR holding their noses and NOT voting at all?  How has that arrangement worked out for us?

Ontario is on a path to bankruptcy and the NDP/Liberals have been willing partners all the way, they have colluded with one and other to ensure our province never sees a balanced budget in the near future.  Ontario deserves a government that they chose, not a government that was cooked up in backroom deal between two leaders that have lost all credibility.

Election Day is YOUR day to tell the Liberals and NDP that what they have been stirring up together since October 2011 is not working…anything they have tried has just added more to our debt and the deficit of Ontario.

A NDP-Liberal Coalition will NOT:

  • Make Hydro Affordable
  • Improve Healthcare in Ontario
  • Focus on Educating our youth
  • Expand Care for our Seniors
  • FIX the economy

Only a PC Government will do all the above to make sure Ontario is strong for generations to come.

When you vote, vote against a Coalition and vote Ontario PC!

In Ottawa-Centre place your ‘check’ beside my name and vote for great representation in Ottawa Centre, vote for a “Tory built for Ottawa Centre”

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Off and Running, but standing firm!

We are off and running, but I am standing firm on what Ottawa Centre and Ontario need.  It will be easy to say what has been wrong for the past few years, but let’s look at what is doable to make Ontario better.

The difficult list is the list that needs to be addressed, and Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC’s have addressed it.  So let’s take a look:

  1. Jobs, we need an aggressive jobs plan that will put Ontario back to work.  The #MillionJobsPlan will do that over the next four years, a PC government will implement a program that will produce good paying skilled jobs.  The Liberals and the Howarth NDP have no creditable plan to create the jobs that our youth and workers have left the province in search of.
  1. Our Debt and Deficit MUST be addressed or we will continue the spiral that started when the McGuinty Liberals took control of Ontario.  We must reduce our spending.  Reducing a deficit doesn’t mean spending more and we can no longer wait for the Liberals to figure this out.
  1. People should not have to make choices like ‘eat or heat’ or ‘a light or a bite’.  Affordable energy can be a reality, it takes one move to start the process, end the green energy program as it is.  The thousands of jobs the Liberals promised in the program never materialized.  We’ve taken majestic views and ruined them, just try looking at Wolfe Island from the shores of Kingston and  tell me that’s a ‘postcard’ shot.

I know that this message will be popular with Ontario PC’s, but what is needed to have this message spread to those voters that seem to think “what’s the point”?  Tonight my team found one such voter.  He may have not voted in the past because of “what’s the point”, but he now he’ll vote and on June 12th he’ll vote PC.

There are few people that feel that Liberal spending is “water under the bridge” or a “simple mistake”.  Mistakes don’t cost billions…not listening to the public and refusing to do what is right the FIRST time cost billions…the Ontario Liberals have cost you and every other Ontarian Billions.

In Ottawa Centre your MPP should be standing up for your local concerns AND work to build a better Ontario that is working.  Voting PC in Ottawa Centre is the right choice.  That’s why I’m running to be your Ottawa Centre MPP and why I am standing firm on what Ottawa Centre and Ontario need.

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Wynne Budget does not deliver what Ontario needs NOW

O T T A W A  C E N T R E  R I D I N G  A S S O C I A T I O N


 May 2, 2014

The Liberal government proved once again today they have no viable plan to turn our province around; their only plan is to suffocate Ontarians with more debt.

“If you’ve ever wondered why our leader Tim Hudak is focused on our provinces debt, deficit and job creation, Kathleen Wynne provided a snapshot of that today,”  Said Rob Dekker.

Kathleen Wynne has had a year to prove she is different than her predecessor Dalton McGuinty, yesterday she delivered a Bob Rae NDP style budget – Ontario can no longer afford the reckless tax and spend policies of the Ontario Liberal – NDP coalition.

“Tim Hudak and the entire PC Caucus have a plan to get Ontario working and on the track to balanced budgets with his Million Jobs Plan, Ontario can’t wait any longer to see this plan roll out” said Dekker.

Dekker commented – the Liberal tax and spend budget compounds already historic levels of provincial debt and will only add to our growing unemployment rate constructed by their failed economic policies.

In the year since becoming Premier, Kathleen Wynne has pushed the provincial debt to $290 billion, the highest debt of any province in Canada and we will see our deficit grow to $12.5 billion – which is more than all of the other provinces combined.

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