Did we ask for a Coalition Government?

Incredible as it seems, votes have not been counted, in fact the majority of votes have not even been cast and the Liberals are mulling over the idea of a Coalition Government with the NDP.

It doesn’t matter if a coalition is technically possible to do, I just don’t recall either the NDP or the Liberals campaigning on forming a coalition government.  On top of that, no one in Ontario has asked for a Coalition Government.

While there has not been the ‘ask’ for a coalition, isn’t that essentially what Ontario has been operating under since October 2011?  The Ontario NDP have supported the Liberals either by holding their noses and voting for them OR holding their noses and NOT voting at all?  How has that arrangement worked out for us?

Ontario is on a path to bankruptcy and the NDP/Liberals have been willing partners all the way, they have colluded with one and other to ensure our province never sees a balanced budget in the near future.  Ontario deserves a government that they chose, not a government that was cooked up in backroom deal between two leaders that have lost all credibility.

Election Day is YOUR day to tell the Liberals and NDP that what they have been stirring up together since October 2011 is not working…anything they have tried has just added more to our debt and the deficit of Ontario.

A NDP-Liberal Coalition will NOT:

  • Make Hydro Affordable
  • Improve Healthcare in Ontario
  • Focus on Educating our youth
  • Expand Care for our Seniors
  • FIX the economy

Only a PC Government will do all the above to make sure Ontario is strong for generations to come.

When you vote, vote against a Coalition and vote Ontario PC!

In Ottawa-Centre place your ‘check’ beside my name and vote for great representation in Ottawa Centre, vote for a “Tory built for Ottawa Centre”

I can be found Twitter @robertdekker, on Facebook at http://tiny.cc/n5l97 and at www.robertdekker.ca.


One thought on “Did we ask for a Coalition Government?

  1. morri

    I think minority governments are always coalition governments, if they were not, an election would immediately follow the one that produced the minority.


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