A VERY INSIGHTFUL comment on Tarion….from legal expert, Chris Arnold, Ottawa

Support is needed to ensure Bill 60 has teeth and holds Tarions and home builders accountable for the bad work home owners are complaining about.


Chris Arnold, Ottawa lawyer, mediator, collaborative law specialist, University of Ottawa law professor, shared this statement with us last week on LinkedIn. (Reproduced below with his permission).

(…) My experience with Tarion (when I did real estate and civil lit): a massive fraud on homebuyers. Tarion masquerades as consumer protection but I’ve seen nothing but a mix of incompetence and combativeness, where every technicality is used to deny coverage. Builders love it, waving the empty “protection” like a flag or hiding behind it.  – Rarely forced to fix errors.  Recourse? The License Appeal Tribunal (same body where appeals of hot-dog vendor licenses go). Take a sec and e-mail/call your MPP to ask them to support this Bill”.                            …..Chris Arnold


Thank you, Chris, for speaking up for Ontario consumers. Thank you for underlining the urgent need for a major overhaul of Tarion’s UN-transparent,UN-accountable system. We agree…

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1 thought on “A VERY INSIGHTFUL comment on Tarion….from legal expert, Chris Arnold, Ottawa

  1. bcaptijn

    If Premier Wynne and her Liberal party are serious about accountability and transparency – as they tell us repeatedly – they will vote in favour of Bill 60. If not, they will be failing to take proactive action where it is urgently needed.


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