Back to School

Blogging University

I started #RedHeartBlueSign almost four years ago following the 2011 Provincial election. The idea of the blog was to discuss provincial and local political issues, and for the most part I have stuck to that plan. After almost 4 years it’s time to refocus #RedHeartBlueSign and add content that is not only of political interest to me, but also other interests.

At this time it’s time to bring in new topics: The Media, Social Media, Music, Environment, and Community along WITH politics. To do that I’ve embarked on Blogging 101 through WordPress, 20 Blog Posts in 20 Days. It is an exercise that will bring #RedHeartBlueSign to a regular schedule for posting to the blog. As I embark this month on 20 in 20 please feel free to comment on what I have posted and suggest other topics that you would like to challenge me with.

As my blog now evolves the first change will be hashtag the name to #RedHeartBlueSign, it is in keeping with my keen interest in Social Media, Branding and remaining creative. After 72 original posts, this 73rd post is the first in this journey; join me for the next 20 days. To those also taking part in Blogging 101, I look forward to seeing you in the WordPress Commons.

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