Blogging 101: Who is your audience?


There are many things people do not know about me. One is that since the age of 16, I have been DJing, parties, weddings, BBQ’s and more. I’ll do the math for you; I’ve been DJing for almost 40 years!

I remember clearly loading up the back of my 1980 Honda Civic Hatch with milk crates – and I mean the old Imperial size of Milk carton milk crates.  When the metric system came in, everything was smaller and 12 inch vinyl just didn’t fit in the new smaller crates. Getting those Imperial crates was always a challenge, thank goodness for working late on Friday nights at the old Dominion Store in Woodchester Mall.

When playing music you know who your audience is, you see them, they are right THERE! Or are they? DJing now they audience is still ‘there’, but some nights they aren’t, it seems they have gone into hiding. So as the musical director of the evening I play for any number of people, the ladies, the couples, the older crowd and the younger crowd. What worked when everything else didn’t? Playing for me…playing what I wanted to hear, what I thought would sound great…it worked. I’ll always take requests, but…when stuck I play what I know.

So…when it comes to #RedHeartBlueSign it was hard to define who I was writing for. The blog started as a purely political blog – I know who would be reading it, politicos. But I also wanted it to be a voice for what I was thinking. Some posts were hits and others weren’t. Now that two provincial elections have come and gone, I can only complain about the current government so much before becoming obnoxious about it.  Besides, there are many other topics that I want to be able to write about and share. So I think my audience might still be me and people readers like me…same interests and same curiosity. Think it will work? I am betting on it.

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