The Show Must Go On: The Vinyl Edition


One of my favourite movies is High Fidelity; one of its enduring facets is the love of vinyl, the black shiny shiny music format – vinyl. Vinyl makes every MP3 seem like the one person at a costume party who thought they were unique – but chose the most popular themed costume of the season.

But one of the reasons I really like the movie is not only because of the love of vinyl professed in the movie, but how John Cusack finds a song for EVERY girlfriend he has ever had. He seems to rationalize each one through the ‘mixed tape’, an act lost on the iTunes generation. The “Mixed Tape” was an act of love, made for a specific person, songs selected to be played in a specific order, never to be taken out of the playlist as recorded. If the tape was VERY special you would break the tabs of the cassette tape so there would be no accidental recording over of the music.

Rob Gordon (John Cusack) mastered the Mixed Tape; he also mastered the naming a song for each failed relationship. Above all though what he conquered was the filing of all his vinyl records. He could find a new way to file his albums whenever he was down and needed a task that would take his mind off the (girl) problem of the day. The resorting of the Lp’s saved him from the pain that any of his girl friends would give him.

Given the opportunity, I would step in to shoes of Rob Gordon not only because I wouldn’t have to get used to being called another name – but because I would live to go back to the day when I could spend hours re-filing all those records, that is heaven! Doing the re-filing allows me the look at each cover, read the notes, and check out the song listing for each Lp, that IS heaven. It just isn’t the same with CDs.

So if a time warp comes and I get to work in a record store, file Lps all the time and listen to amazing music  – I am so there! Besides, the fact I think I would do better than Rob Gordon did with Catherine Zeta-Jones.


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