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Considering that I will have my home in Ottawa and I am taking on a second residence in Toronto this month, it seems odd to think that I will be looking to simplify my daily life. It helps that my residence in Toronto is of a size that keeping everything simple is really the only way to go


There is so much I would like to bring to the Toronto, but can’t so it will come down to the Robert Palmer (Addicted to love/Bad case of loving you) process. Palmer for many years had a massive record collection, or so the story goes. It took him a while, but he was able to bring all his music to the essential 250 songs that meant the most for him to hear on his iPod (or whatever he was using). I have no idea how long it took him; I only know that he did. I once went through the Palmer process by whittling down a few thousand Lps to a core 250 that I now have in storage. Some decisions were easy, all Beatles and Elton John vinyl made the cut. Others were more difficult, but in the end I was down to around 250 Lps, many of which are Canadian and will never to be seen on CD on in a mp3 format. Others kept are unique, limited editions and then there are some neat odds and sods of music.

I wish I could say that the Lps are coming to Toronto, but I can’t. They and the 1000 45’s will have to bide their time for a situation that will allow they to make the trip down the 401.

Many other items will have to prove that they are cut worthy and join me in Toronto. I feel that I will have to be like Santa, make a list and check it twice not see if its naughty or nice, but rather if it will fit into this new small portion of my life. To add to the complication of keeping it simple I will have all but 18 hours after flying back to Ottawa from Thunder Bay on Monday to pull together what I can fit in Toronto into my car and drove with @sunswimsail to Toronto to unload and make simple fit.

All this simplicity sounds very complicated.

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