Surprises of 2015

Lucille Ball

2015, the year that was (or is almost was) brought a few surprises. In no particular order, here are a few things that surprised me.


There was the Drake MixTape that no one expected.

There was the new sound of a Justin Beiber no one expected.

The additional disc of demo material from the Jagged Little Pill sessions is as good as the original.

I could habitat between two cities…and survive.

That I would even consider the notion of leaving Ottawa to live and work in Toronto with everything I have still in Ottawa.

The Blue Jays and David Price would surprise us TWICE.

Henry Burris, the Ottawa Redblacks AND the #GreyCup103.

220 square feet of living space can be quite accommodating.

The collapse of Thomas Mulcair and the NDP, especially in Toronto, in the federal election.

Kathleen Wynne is still here.

…and no, how WELL Patrick Brown is doing as Leader of the Ontario PC Party and the Official Opposition is not a surprise to me.

…did anything surprise you this past year?

Thanks for reading #RedHeartBlueSign the past 12 months.  Let’s see what 2016 brings to the pages of this blog.


p.s. I should start noting surprising things throughout the year as they happen.


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