Windows of Opportunity


Riding the train on a frequent basis and passing through the seasons I am able to see the terrain change through summer, fall and now winter. The last few months have seen the land between Toronto and Ottawa change from green to brown to green and to white.

The changing of the colours reminds me that there is always a reason to change an opinion, an idea and allow a window of thought to alter how a person once perceived something. In fact many who might be opposite to a position do not like the idea that positions can change. But why can’t they? The world and the politics of the world are in constant flux; something is always happening that will change the ideals we once held.

Changing our ideals is not a bad thing it shows growth and maturity.

Provincially and federally, conservatives may be challenging some long held positions due to changes in leadership. In Ontario the change is taking place under the leadership of Patrick Brown and PC Ontario members will see more of what this may look like in March when the party holds its General Meeting in Ottawa. It is widely believed that the process to building the party platform will begin that at that time. It could be a time of challenging previously long held PC beliefs in Ontario. But perhaps it is time to rethink the party’s priorities for the betterment of all Ontario.

Federally the Conservative Party of Canada has already shifted with the selection of Rona Ambrose as the Interim Leader of the CPC and may inevitably shift again when the party members go through the Leadership campaign sometime down the road.

Provincially and federally there is a base of support for any political party. Where governments are elected lies in the platforms and ideas that attract voters to the party that best represent the good steps needed to govern fairly and honestly. As the weeks and months unfold everyone will be watching what governments do with budgets, what opposition parties do with positions and platforms. These are all windows of opportunity for PC’s and Conservatives to reach out to all voters with thoughtful responses and ideas.

When you see the window open, breathe in the air – take a big breathe and let it fill your lungs. As you exhale consider what you have just taken in and the possibilities.

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