A Coalition of Voices


It is increasingly more and more difficult to make policy or establish baselines in public opinion by talking to one segment of our population. With each new generation another layer is added to the conversation, adding to the dialogue and causing more to the thought process before a decision is made. Through new media there has also been a new voice added to discussions.  Some of these new voices are brash showing no fear in expressing extreme opinions while others are conciliatory and open to a conversation with those opinions opposite to theirs.

There are few things that can be very straightforward. People don’t like to be taxed. A 27-story building should not be built in an area zoned to 6 and a speed limit of 50k/hr. does not suit a residential area where children are playing.

If everything was so easy, so straightforward – it is not, nor SHOULD it be. A coalition of voices is needed to develop policy; it is not always going to be easy to hear different views – it is needed.

At a recent conservative event the Q & A demonstrated the diversity of the Canadian Conservative voice.

  • Environmental concerns vs. a strong oil based economy
  • Alternative Energy Encouragement vs. Pipeline construction
  • New voting procedures vs. protecting our democratic
  • Free Trade between provinces and Arctic sovereignty.
  • Create private sector jobs vs growing public sector employment

The vast difference of opinion shows that as Conservatives we have grown and are ready and anxious to take this opportunity to show leadership with a wide-eyed approach to what is needed for Ontario and Canada.

The Ontario PC Party Convention in March and the Federal Conservative Convention in May along with the upcoming CPC Leadership will provide the opportunity to open flaps to the blue tent and let the coalition of voices in. Through the diversity of voices and opinions can we demonstrate the leadership that is needed to be given the chance to lead again.

We can build a coalition of voices in our neighbourhoods, ridings, communities and extending to our provincial and federal jurisdictions.

I invite you to share your ideas by commenting to this post or any post on my blog. Please feel free to suggest topics for posting.  You can also email me directly at rdmedia@bell.net.

I can be found Twitter @robertdekker, @rdmediaottawa and on Facebook at http://tiny.cc/n5l97.


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