It’s called the weather

Rob snowman

Though many would like to think otherwise, winter is not done with us yet.

Today we are in the midst of what will likely be a 15cm or more dump in the Nations Capital. Listen closely and you can hear the sound of clicks as people close the window on this edition of #RedHeartBlueSign.

I confess, I have only been back in Ottawa for two weeks after hibernating in the south (Toronto) for nearly most of the winter of 2015-2016.

If you stuck around after that opening paragraph good for you, there is hope – but maybe not as soon as you might like it. Here are some statistics for you to ease your mind and start you thinking of warmer weather courtesy of

Here are average snow falls for Ottawa, I have confined the list to March through June, because we don’t need to be reminded of the worst months for snowfall which Ottawa just got through.

# Of Days Centimeters
7.4 March 29
2.8 April 7
0.1 May 0
0 June 0

As you can see, the risk of snow greatly diminishes right through to June, where there seems to be no recorded snowfall at all. Be warned though – snow does make an appearance in May as I remember waking up to snow on the ground on a Mothers Day 20 years ago.


Here in Ottawa the long range forecast calls for temperatures in the low teens starting in just over a week, until then the sun will be warm enough to melt what has hit Ottawa and many other parts of the province. I hope this will get you through to May, and (fingers crossed) hopefully a no snow month May . But keep in mind this is OUR weather and I won’t rule out any snow in Ottawa until June 1st.

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