Our elected officials: Politician or Person?

Before we ( I use ‘we’ as I have run in two elections)  decides to jump into politics, we were something else. We could have been a teacher, salesman, lawyer, doctor, financier, artist, musician, business owner etc. As well we could be a parent, husband, wife, Uncle, Aunt or a Grandparent. In our community we could have been a baseball coach, hockey coach, Girl Guide or Boy Scout Leader or involved in a community association.

After an election does a person automatically lose whatever life they had before they become a politician? What happens to an elected officials previous life? You must keep in mind, as a candidate for election we run on what we have accomplished in our personal or business lives – these are the attributes for which candidates receive votes and become elected representatives.

All this came front and centre after Premier Wynne’s decision on cutting back Autism services to children over the age of five. (More about this topic in my next #RedHeartBlueSign post).   In making this move just how was Wynne making this decision? Was it as a Premier, a Minister – a Politician? How should she had made this decision?  Because it was made as a politician, did the Premier lose sense of what made her attractive as a candidate and leader of a political party?

Michael Taube, a former speechwriter for the Prime Minister and political columnist, made some interesting and impassioned comments about the cuts to Autism services for families in Ontario when he appeared in @NewsTalk1010 Live Drive last week. He aimed his comments directly at Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Does what Mr. Taube says makes sense?

Should our elected officials govern with the personal life attributes they were voted in with? Should our leaders make decisions keeping in mind life they had before they were elected?

When an elected official governs like a politician and NOT the person they were elected, have they lost your confidence?

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