1578 / Alcalá de Henares / University — a fresh drawing everyday day

Just now at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Graphic Expression congress.

While I struggle at times to come up with a weekly post and relevant content, an example being this week as I missed my self imposed Sunday post deadline, I come across this guy named Hugo (I think) who does not post a word, but a daily sketch!  Pounding out a blog post can be sometimes a challenge knowing the busy lives we lead, but to commit to a drawing a day – that impresses me.

To read Hugo’s story, it started 5 years ago, as Hugo, who is a teacher, challenged his students to draw everyday.  They said he was crazy and to prove them wrong he started his blog – and this post is number 1578.  Let the beauty of this sketch and his 1577 others sink in and may they inspire you to be creative in your own way.

I am challenging myself to add more content and to share some great blog posts that I enjoy with you my readers.  So, I hope to add two posts a week – one original and one a reblog from the WordPress Reader.  It is my goal to be able by the end of the summer to add two original blogs posts and share one each week.  THREE post a week by the end of August.  I am going to be going through the WordPress Reader daily looking for great creative post to share.  If you have a WordPress blog you would like to share e with me, please do…I will share it be re-blogging it.

For now, enjoy Hugo’s sketch of the day, and tomorrow’s…


via 1578 / Alcalá de Henares / University — a fresh drawing everyday day

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