More than a coat of paint

Coat of Paint

Two years into its mandate it won on June 12 2014 the Ontario Liberals are seeking a reprieve on their performance. A cabinet shuffle is imminent. Three cabinet ministers have indicated their preference to leave now and according to the Premier, it is time for a reset. I would say that with an approval rating of 20% it is time for than a reset – it is time for an overall.

Between the OPP investigations, a disastrous green energy plan, ineffective ministers, out of control spending, increasing hydro rates and a healthcare system that is struggling to meet the needs of todays Ontarians a cabinet shuffle will not solve the problems. The change that is coming only puts a new face to the same old problem that this Wynne government is out of touch with the voters.

Ontario is struggling in key areas that voters rely the government to be on top of. Through the rest of the month June I will be looking at five areas and how the Ontario government’s actions are affecting voters. I will be posting separately on the following topics:

  1. Healthcare

Hospitals are crying for funding while having to balance budgets after five years of no increases from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

  1. Energy/Hydro

Between Bob Chiarelli and Glen Murray these two Minsters have devastated Ontario’s economy by bloating the cost of everything in this province.

  1. Education

We spend almost one third of the Ontario budget on education, are we getting our money’s worth?

  1. The economy/The Debt

$1 billion a month is spent on debt payments, balancing a budget is one thing but reducing the debt is something that this government has yet to tackle. The $1 billion will only grow as interest rates rise.

  1. Taxpayers burden for the sins of this government

This government has been taking from taxpayers so often that it’s hard to recall anytime the government gave the taxpayers a break

So as Ministers Meilleur (Attorney General), McMeekin (Municipal Affairs and Housing) and Sergio (Senior’s Issues) leave cabinet, they can sigh (with relief?) as they head to the back benches or as in the case of Meilleur, home with a by election in Ottawa Vanier expected to be called at the same time as Scarborough – Rouge River following the fleeing from the Liberal caucus by Bas Balkissoon last month.

UPDATE: Sunday June 12th, Jim Bradley, Minister without Portfolio and Chair of the Cabinet stepped down from the cabinet and in return he will be come the Chief Government Whip a position currently held by Ottawa-Orleans MPP Marie France Lalonde.  This move of Bradley’s guarantees the Lalonde will be moving in the Cabinet to a full Minister portfolio when Premier Wynne announces her “Summer Shuffle”.

A mid-term cabinet shuffle will put new faces front and centre, but what ever is ailing Wynne and company requires more that just a coat of paint.

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