rhbs109: 8 Days in July Part I: The GOP


For 8 days in July our household was glued to CNN on TV and in the Car (via Sirius XM) attendive to every word said, reported, critiqued and debated during the two Presidential Nomination meetings. Having watched through the primary season right to the Republican and Democratic Conventions I have the idea that no one is jumping for hallelujah over either of these candidates.

First the Republicans. I heard an interesting idea that what the Republican party is facing this election cycle is a direct result of the 2012 re-election of Barack Obama, or more importantly the inability of the Romney/Ryan ticket to win. The right was frustrated with the selection of Mitt Romney and the lack of success he had one November four years ago. The registered members of the Republican Party looked at the establishment and thumbed its nose at it this election cycle. Who ever could have thought that political heavyweights like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz would be tossed aside so easily by Donald Trump.

I was NOT a fan of George W Bush, however I liked Jeb; he was a Bush I could support, he had the right temperament I liked in a leader and a kindness in his way of working with people. If there was another candidate I would have liked to see be the lead on the Republican ticket it was Governor Christie. Here was a Republican that liked the Democratic White House and was liked back by the Democrats. He was one person I thought would have a line of Democrats voting for him.

But 16 candidates later left standing is Donald J Trump, through bravado, name calling and taking on the role of the schoolyard bully, he won the Republican nomination.

The convention was the Trump show, with not one, but 5 Trumps AND Donald taking the podium to speak. His rivals were given the opportunity to speak, most refused. Kasich stayed home, Rubio may not have been given a offer and Cruz spoke but was eventually booed for the non-endorsement of Trump AND was up staged by Donald Trump walking into the arena as Cruz was wrapping up. He was so up staged the cameras did not even show Cruz walking off the stage. I have been to conventions where there has been chaos, but it never shows because organizers control how the message went out. In Cleveland it was as if the chaos was planned and the Trump campaign wanted to have the disarray that was on display each night.

By the end of the fourth night, there was this very impressive display by Donald Trump who spoke for 75 minutes. 75 Minutes! No water, not a cough, not a bead of sweat and not a stumble. Likely there was not even a teleprompter for a portion of the speech.

I watched and considered that I had seen this all before, but in a cinematic form – the speeches and the show of the convention reminded me of “The Hunger Games”, except in those movies the young heroine saves the day. There was no Katniss in Cleveland.

Part II: The Democrats


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