#110: 8 Days in July Part II Clinton 2.0

DNC on Philly

For 8 days in July our household was glued to CNN on TV and in the Car (via Sirius XM) attending to every word said, reported, critiqued and debated during the two Presidential Nomination meetings. I have Liberal friends who can’t vote Democrat and I have Conservative friends who won’t go work for Trump like they did for Romney in 2012. As a Red Tory I can float between the two party’s depending on who the candidate was. As I mentioned in Part I, my ideal Republican Presidential Candidate from day 1 of the primary season was Jeb Bush.

As for the Democrats, I was a fan of Clinton 1.0, he was a leader at the time it was needed – he connected to the people and he could speak! He commanded attention when he spoke. As for Clinton 2.0, I admired her. I read her book “Hard Choices” and was impressed with her handling of world affairs. though many continue to debate her success at the job there can be no denial that being as close as she was to the Presidency gave her a view many of the candidates did not have.

Through the primary season, the democrats put on a show! Hillary Clinton vs The Bern! Bernie Sanders looked like your father, he spoke and lectured young people like your grandfather did – but everyone listened to every single word he said. He was the sane version of Donald Trump; speak in a plain language without the insults and childish name-calling.

Hillary was the front-runner from the day Barack Obama was sworn into office for his second term in January 2013. It was only a matter of time before she would be the confirmed candidate, except that no one told Bernie Sanders.

What ever you thought of the Republican Convention the week before – the Democratic Convention was the opposite. It was planned and orchestrated perfectly. Speakers were on time and the only speakers that really went late into the evening where the headliners; the First Lady and President; Michelle and Barack. President Clinton spoke as well, proving once again that he is one of the finest orators of our generation. While he was supposed to speak about Hillary, I was disappointed there was not one mention of the possibility of him becoming America’s 1st Gentleman of the White House.

The convention did not see, nor did it need, the distraction of the leak of DNC emails that cost Debbie Wasserman Shultz her time in the spotlight as the Chair of the convention.

But in the end, he Democratic convention was what a convention has and should always look like – there was a love in between Sanders and Clinton and when it was all done about 50,000 balloons must have fallen from the ceiling of the arena.

But, there are cracks that need to be watched come November. IF Hilary cannot win the White house from Trump, the result will not by unlike what Donald Trump has been able to corral in the Republican Party. While Sanders will not run again, there will be others that will take up the cause of Bernie and turn the Democratic Party on its head and the establishment of the party will be hard pressed to stop what may be coming.

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