125: My US Election Prediction: If Trump Wins

trump-penceIn a few days the US Election cycle that started 18-24 months ago will be over. There will be a new President in the White House and when the election victor sits in the chair behind the desk, there will be a letter from President Obama to the 45th President of the United States.

I do not know who will be the next President. But I do know this. The Republicans and the Democrats both rolled the dice on who their candidate would be and now one will have to walk away from the table after playing cards they could not win with.

The impact of Wikileaks, or as Trump pronounces it Wee-kee-leaks, will have been yuge if Trump gets the win on the 8th. If Trump wins he better watch out for Wikileaks to start releasing emails of his – or even his tax returns, if he cannot deliver on his fast and big changes.

If Trump wins:

The first thing that will be needed is a hiring blitz by Immigration Canada to process the refugee applications from the USA. The second thing to watch out for will be Trumps first press conference. Third thing to get set for will be the first State of the Union address that will be completely adlibbed and will last for two hours. The special guests will be all the Trump kids and other long lost relatives.

I don’t think a Hillary Clinton loss would be the same as a Trump loss for the GOP. Yes, with a Clinton loss, the Democratic Party will also have to start repositioning itself, but in the opposite direction of a Trump loss for the Republican Party. Clinton was the establishment of the party. In fact, the Clinton – Gore – Clinton establishment of the Democrats will lose its power base. It lost it temporarily for 8 years when Obama won back-to-back terms.

With an Obama Presidency, the Clinton establishment wing of the party was still in place. Some Democrats have been waiting for a day when the party would return to the good old days Clinton White House days, this time with Hillary behind the desk. Some will have been waiting for a day when they can truly move on from the Clinton/Gore era of the party.

With a Clinton loss, the party will have a period of refocus; the DNC will start looking inward at its potential candidates for 2020. There is no way that Bernie Sanders will be back – throughout the Democratic primaries there were no other candidates that were even sniffing around the race. Of course based on the history of the party, there is nothing to rule out a presidential run by Michelle Obama after she serves a term or two as the Senator from Illinois.

If Hillary loses it could be because the Democrats did not have a plan C after Bernie Sanders – no one to pick up the baton to chase Hillary in the primaries. This election was Hillary’s, if she won great. If she lost even better, the Democratic Party would move on and Bill Clinton would become the great Democratic Party poster boy for the best recent years of the party just like Ronald Reagan is for the Republicans.

And one last thing, all of what happens to the Democrats will also unfold on Trump TV.

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2 thoughts on “125: My US Election Prediction: If Trump Wins

  1. Guy Annable

    good post rob, i do predict that the demon crats will choose a celebrity for the next election, mark my words, they own them all anyways so just pick one , I am surprised you did not mention the civil unrest that may take place after the 8th. If trump wins, inner cities will burn, black lives matter and their soros backers will also be the sorrier losers for the defeat, Lets hope the phoenix that rises from the ashes of this debacle of democracy will have EVERYBODY looking in the mirror on November the 9th , BUT ESPECIALLY the media, as they too are a Casuality of this election as are the American people. A spectacle Thomas Jefferson nor George Washington ever could have imagined the Republic they loved so much could have produced two such unfit actors for the role of chief of the free world. As Conrad Black said in his article on the weekend which he penned “the republic of the USA was born from a small tax Squabble over a simple commodity that could have been easily worked out with their British rulers …. look where we are today . Where will AMERICA be tomorrow….who will be the next ruler that will cause the People to Rise up and say enough is enough, therein is why you have the political birth of Donald j Trump, welcome to the revolting revolution of Donald J Trump, GOD bless America, Lady Liberty and her Citizens need it like a long shower much like after a long night of dirty sex. it will not hard to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN after where they start from politically on November 9th As i truly feel this election was the lowest rung on the ladder any political system has seen, anything after the 9th must look up the ladder because you can;t go any lower .

    God Bless America,


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