126: Voices from America


I went searching tonight for voices from America that could present alternate views on the results of Tuesday’s US Election.  I was looking for the non-journalist view, people that had a view point and wanted express it.  Below are three blogs that reflect three different outlooks for America.  I hope that you’ll take a look at each of them as listening to what a non-journalist says can give us much more insight into what we might expect leading up to and after the inauguration in January.

The first is from a blog called “The Politics of Writing”, I have reblogged posts from this writer in the past.  Here the blog takes the voice of those that were hoping for Hillary Clinton to find a path to 270.  This will certainly cause a few Republicans to tell the writer to stop whining and accept the loss.


Of course you know I have to swing right for number two, it is a post from The Last Refuge a piece that calls itself “An Important  Post-Election Message about Media Polling…”  The Last Refuge is from the Conservative Treehouse, so you know what you are getting here.  They call themselves a rat-tag group of misfits. I figured after reading the first contributor you should have a little something from the right.


The third and last is “The Morning After” by Tommy Tomlinson a writer for ESPN, so he writes mainly about sports so I figured he would fit into what I was trying to accomplish with this post.  His piece  strikes a chord that should resonate with most who are just looking for a way to navigate the next four years.


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