Trump by Number


Here are 25 numbers that define Donald Trump’s first week in Office.

0: The number of new federal empoyees to hired (due to a hiring freeze)

1: Supreme Court Justice to be nominated in ‘a couple of weeks’ by Trump

3: Number of countries affected by renegotiating NAFTA

7: Number of days in office

11: Other countries affected by Trump pulling out of the TPP

14: the number of Executive Orders signed so far

20: Percent of border tax for items brought into the US from Mexico

30: Days for the military to come up with a plan to defeat Isis

38: Tweets sent since Jannuary 22nd 2017

45: Donald Trump is the 45th President

48: Mike Pence is the 48th Vice-President

60: Number of days TransCanada has to resubmit its application for Keystone XL

72: People shot in Chicago in Trump’s first week in office

90: Number of days citizens from 7 countries are banned from entering the US for

100: Percent chance that Mexico will pay for the wall

120: Number of days suspension of allowing refugees into America

277: Number of Execurtive Orders Obama signed in 8 years (average of 35 per year)

3,721: Number of Executive Orders signed by Franklin Roosevelt

5000: Number of new Border Patrol Agents to be hired

10,000: Number of new Immigration Officers to be hired

20,000: The Dow Jones hit 20,000 in Trump’s first week in office

60,000: Reduction in refugees coming into the US in 2017 from 2016

440,000: People marched in the Washington DC Womens March

3,000,000: Number of illegal votes cast (for Hillary Clinton)

Massive: The size of the Inaugruation crowd (according to Trump)


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One thought on “Trump by Number

  1. niclal

    REMARKABLE INDEED … ..but since the country , for the foremost , is used to traditional mediocrity , the need to adjust is much too large for what should be resulting astounding comfort and admiration level. Citizens want change but ….not really least… not real and genuine change….


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