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My #elxn43 – Days 32 to 28

I took a little bit of a breather from campaign life and headed back to Ottawa for four days.  If I have any illusions of being able to leave the campaign office behind they were shattered quickly. I knew it would be the case, so reality is that the illusion was only a passing thought.  I spent a fair bit of time on the phone and on email, campaigns don’t stop for anyone. I am extremely lucky that Liz was patient with me and gave me the time I needed when were didn’t go shopping or out for a walk.

I finished reading John Ivvision’s Trudeau.  It brought no surprises to me, but provided background of JT that wasn’t widely known but did reinforce the reasons why people need to reconsider their vote for Justin Trudeau.  It also reinforced the idea that there are two JT’s and that the private JT is nothing like the political one, especially if you cross him politically. Trudeau booksI know there is a second book on Justin that was published this fall, Promise and Peril; that could be something to read after the election.  But I have also started to read The Kings War, sequel to The Kings Speech, I can’t tell you enough how much I love reading history, history that has an impact on our recent history, the last 75 to 100 years.  From the early pages, The Kings War  will be a good quick read.

Part of my motivation to come home for the weekend (besides to see Liz) was to help celebrate the retirement of a friend.  It was good party and I was happy that I was able to make it.  I lost the “How much do you know Jim” trivia contest but I gave him some advice for his retirement, to visit the only province he has yet to travel to, “The home province of Canada’s next Prime Minister, Saskatchewan”.

Have many of you decided to vote early? You have two options, there is advance poll weekend October 11thto 14th and you can vote by special ballot at your local Returning Office from now until the end Tuesday October 15th. Liz and voted last  weekend as we will not be in Ottawa for election day or the advance polls, in fact I don’t expect to return to Ottawa until the weekend that follows election day.  It was fast and and easy to do.  I know that my vote might the last to be counted and while it will eventually be counted it will only be opened in a rush on election if the count is close and if a recount is required.  To find your riding returning office click here Elections

One last thing, we rode the Ottawa #LRT!  I took the train from the VIA station home when I arrived Thursday.  I don’t know if its called the LRT or the O Train, but it was kinda exciting to ride the rails in Ottawa. We decided to take the extended family on a ride on the train just to give the kids a thrill.  The kids decided where we would sit, unfortunately for one young person it was near them.  I didn’t blame them for moving, I think she moved to a differnet car altogether.

Monday came and it was back to the campaign, I travelled my own version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles (buses) – without the ‘pillows’ and made it back in plenty of time for the official campaign launch (watch the CTV Barrie video of the event

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My #elxn43 – Day 41

Tom Petty said it best, ‘The waiting is the hardest part’

the waitingIn the days leading up to the Prime Minister walking from the Rideau Cottage to Rideau Hall and asking for disolution of Parliament, the wait seems like forever.  There will be many that will tell you that they’re happy to have the extra days. On the other side, there is nothing like the adreniline rush of 36 days of campaigning leading up to election day.

For me I appreciate both sentiments; but at some point its time for the rodeo to begin.  In Barrie we wait for the call because unlike other municipalities across Canada, election signs cannot go up until the Prime Minister visits the Govenor General (GG).   In the Ottawa area riding of  Orleans, by-laws have allowed signs to be put on private property for amost two weeks. In Barrie-Innisfil the sign crews are just waiting for the “go” text.  Trucks are loaded with signs, posts and zip ties.

The official election call is also a sign that everything else starts rolling, and gathers speed right up to October 21st.  As the days pass, they pass faster as the days are crossed off the election calender.

In an interesting twist, campaigns are not the only people waiting – Elections Canada staff also wait.  As I learned today, the ‘go’ day for Elections Canada is September 15th, that represents that last possible day as election can be called – but it’s also the day that EVERYTHING Elections Canada does starts and the first day for the Elections Canada calendar.

Unlike campaigns where the election call accelerates the campaign activities, nothing Elections Canada does starts until September 15ththis year – the 36 day campaign is the starting line that thousands of Election workers are hunched over like Andre de Grasse waiting for the starters pistol to go off. The spectulation of the election call changes everyday that the Prime Minister does not go to the see the GG, the anticipation for candidates and their teams is heightened as each day passes.

While Canada has fixed election dates, there should be consideration for a fixed election period, meaning a fixed election day that has a fixed day that campaigns begin.  A fixed election period eliminates the 78 day campaign of 2015 and denies the government of the day the power to play with dates and call the election when it suits their purposes – all political parties will have the same calendar to work with.  This though is for another government to grapple with after the election.

For now the wait continues…and the sign crew chomps at the bit one more day.

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My #elxn43 – Day 47

Reading will be my salvation this campaign.


The days will be long and by Election Day I may be arriving at the campaign office in the dark and leaving long after sunset.  I have an amibtious reading list for this campaign period and it which will require a great deal of dedictation to complete.  The readng list is part of my plan to decompress from the pressure, stress and activity of the campaign.

Here is what I will be reading:

Trudeau by John Ivison

The King’s War by Peter Conradi and Mark Logue

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

Right Here Right Now by Stephen Harper

The Making of the October Crisis by D’Arcy Jenish

I’ve started with Ivison’s take on Trudeau.  While this might not be a complementary account on JT it is scewed to my current opinion of him and how he has performed as a Prime Minister.   ‘The King’s War’ is a follow up to the Kings Speech, which won a few Oscar’s including Best Picture, Director and Actor in 2011. Mark Logue the co-author is the grandson of Lionle Logue, the therapist that work with King George to avoid stuttering as portrayed in the King’s Speech.

I picked up ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ because of the premise of the story; a Russian Count is ordered to house arrest in an apartment in Moscow by the Bolshevic tribunal for wrtting a poem with revolustionary undertones.

I’ve had Stephen Harper’s book for a while, this just seemed like a good time to read it.  My Sister-in-law sent me ‘The Making of the October Crisis’ after she had read it.  I was aware of the October 1970 crisis as a 10 year, this book goes back to the beginnings and Montreal in the early 1960’s.  Like other books I’ve read I find its important to understand what fueled a crisis as a means to prevent a repeat.

I’m going to have to complete a book in just over a week to return to Ottawa with these five books completed. Clearly some days will have more reading time than others, I’ll have to grab whatever time comes my way to be successful and hope what I’ve brought to Barrie with me are real page turners.

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