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My #elxn43 – Day 1


Blink – Day One – here it is.  Tomorrow is election day. This is my last post before Canadians go and vote.  I started this mini arc of 8 posts back in August on day 53, and here 52 days  I can say we have done all we can do to ensure a win on Monday.

The days have been long and challenging but in the end everyday has been rewarding.  The team of volunteers have been outstanding, I have met and worked with an amazing group of people, most of whom I never knew before I started this back in August – now I call this team of volunteers, friends. As a Campaign Manager I will always want to have more volunteers, however today I am very happy with everyone that has stepped up and played a part in going from day 53 to day day one and to tomorrow, day zero – election day.

Going back on the previous 8 posts I realize that I haven’t mentioned where I have been, mainly because this was a series about the election experience.  Many of you know who I work for, therefore you will have this all figured out.

This past week, has seen long days as the push to be ready for election day for today has been intense.  Today will have our volunteers go out to our supporters with a reminder to vote tomorrow.  50 days of door knocking, phone calls, putting up signs are done.  One last push for tomorrow.

I guess the advantage of me being busy was that I practically ignored Facebook and was never on Twitter.  The most engaged I stayed on Social Media was Instagram, and somedays that for me it was a struggle to not make a comment on some stupid post that was ful of misinformation of the Conservative platform.  It has me even thinking that it’s time to cut ties with Social Media.  The thought of having to fend off silly attacks against my party tells me there are better ways to spend my time.

I have my thoughts on the candidates from the other parties, some were good and there were instances of attacks because my candidate was the “top dog” (as was stated by one of the other candidates) that were over the line and crossed into rude behaviour.  I was frustrated about this more than anything else, but it reminded me that the other candidates will be “how they will be” and that our campaign will be judged by how we reacted to the words and actions of the other candidates, which most times was not to react at all.

There has been much said that this campaign was about more about personalities, in our local campaign it has been about the issues.  The topic of deciding who gets to define the election, the media or the campaigns is for another day, days after this election is done.

That brings this all back to election day, everything that has been done snce day 50 leads to day zero, tomorrow, election day.

As for tomorrow, all I can ask is that you to get out and vote.

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My #elxn43 – Day 8

Debate 2I have titled this post as “To debate or not debate, that’s the question” or “Let’s have a debate about election debates”.

Do they work if the only people that attend have already made up their minds on how they will vote?  Let’s be honest, candidates stack a room – they try to fill a room with their supporters so it seems that they are winning the debate. Stacking a room with with people that know who they are voting for does absolutely nothing of which a debate should do – help the undecided decide.

I know debates are part of our democratic process, There is always the decision of whether to attend ot not. Debates are meant to inform the voter and they do; but no a day they inform voters about personaity.  Sometimes as we’ve seen demonstrated in the recent National Leader’s Debates, not much can be heard above the the voices that converge together so not one word can be heard.

I have fought my inner demons on whether to send a candidate to attend or not.  I have kept a candidate from a debate and sent candidates into debates where maybe I should not have. In this election the decision was always to attend and that’s because, and I use the GreenPac 100 Debates on the environment  as the example, we have an plan/platform/commitment  we stand behind and feel is 100% right.  I believe that the Conservative plan for protecting the enivronment was solid and that we couldn’t NOT debate it, what’s the message that conveys?

Here is the BIG problem with debates. How do you possibly fill a room with only the “undecided” voters, when the room is filled with supporters of each colour? Do you have people swear an oath that they are ‘undecided’ before they walk in to the room?  Should these debates take the partisanship out of the room?  This election the GreenPac/Environment debate was the best organized ‘single issue’ debate I have seen.

The question always remains how many debates are too many?  Some area’s only have one, while others have upwards of 10+ debates.  In this 42 day election, dedicating  up to 40 hours of prime door to door canvas time to debates is a very questionable use of ANY candidate’s time- if a candidate denies it, they are lying, especially if it’s a one time, one night debate never to be seen by anyone, except those that attended.  In fact these single issue debates will be tilted towards one point of view and there is no sense in any candidate appearing if they are on the opposite side of the organizers POV.

Is the solution TV?  Local community TV seems to have this down to a fine art.  In my experience with Rogers TV in Ottawa, each of the area ridings tapes a debate in english and in some are in french and then broadcast several times in the weeks leading up to election day.  In Barrie-Innisfil Rogers TV live streamed and then rebroadcast two debates; the GreenPac Environment and the Barrie Chamber of Commerce Debates.  These rebroadcast debates are possibly the best option for ANY undecided voter who needs to hear their local candidates.

Justin Trudeau thought he solved the debate question when he created the National Leaders Debate Commission, sadly he didn’t account for MacLeans/CityTV and the Munk Debates as being an important part of the Leader’s Debate tour in this year’s election.  While he has every right to say no, one english langauage debate is surely not enough for voters.  Allow me to go on a bit more by adding that having debates that are scheduled to start during the afternoon rush hour home in BC, Alberta and Saskatewan is an insult to Western Canadians.  Let’s hope that in the next election the Debate Commission allows for two english debates, one held in Central/Eastern Canada and a Western provice based debate.

There, I’ve had my say on debates…what do you think?

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