Bob Wiseman inspired this blog post

Bob Wiseman published a book, I can’t say he ‘wrote a book’ as it was described a book that featured posts, that he wrote, from his website Bob Wiseman Online.  I bought it, I’m a quarter through it which for all its randomness is a book about music. In the early stages of the book, I find there are running themes; Prince, touring Italy and kids say the darnedest things.  There is no table of contents and no index, no chapters, just random thoughts.  As I read it, I wonder if the randomness collects itself towards an enlightened point by the final page.

music lessons by Bob Wiseman

This post is inspired by the randomness of Bob’s book “music lessons”.  

I have a fascination with notebooks, I write alot down.  I have notebooks for work, my political affiliations (campaigns, riding associations etc), a Daybreak Housing notebook and a notebook for thoughts and ideas for #RedHeartBlueSign which also dedicates a few pages for my reading list.  The notebooks are of all sizes and colours.  While I have an endless supply of notebooks from work, I choose to live dangerously and buy my own from time to time.  My most recent notebooks were three-hole punched lined standard notebooks from Indigo.  My books are also numbered, I am up into my 13th notebook for work.  #1 was in March 2016 when I started my current job.  

I’ve recently turned to paperless books.  First, there’s my #Rocketbook that allows be to save all my notes digitally and will even OCR my script to text. When I’ve ‘saved’ my notes I wipe the pages clean, you can’t do that with paper.   My notes are always available in my cloud (NOTE: I do not use the #Rocketbook for work notes for security purposes). Second are my two newest notebooks from Karst. One hardcover and one in softcover.   These are the heaviest notebooks I’ve owned.  These are ‘stone’ paper books, no trees were killed, no water was used, and no waste was generated in the making of these books.  Seriously though, even at less that 150 pages, these are the heaviest notebooks I’ve had.  They may be heavy, but they say the pages are waterproof – I have yet to test this out.

Day 10 of the puzzle, when there was hope it would be completed

I have ended our quest to complete the #DontShootmeImonlythePianoPlayer puzzle.  This was the third of three kits ordered from  Those that follow me on Instagram and Facebook will have seen the daily updates leading up to January 21st, day 18 of the puzzle when we were 5 pieces away from completion.  From that day on we took pieces apart, placed them in a ‘better’ fit that wasn’t.  We never even were able to make the edge finished, there was something off with it and we could not get it right. 

Last night, Day 40, I was cleaning up the office I ‘flipped’ the tray the puzzle was on and caused some disruption to the puzzle. It was a sign, I took the puzzle apart and put it in the box.  I have never not completed a puzzle, it couldn’t possible have been me.  Who do I complain to?  Should I write and say their puzzle was faulty?  The ink on pieces rubbed off and some pieces never fit anywhere, ever! 

Now that the lockdown will be ending on the 16th and Ottawa moves into the orange zone will I regularly go back to the office ever again?  I found out we’re moving offices, moving to the recently renovated and updated Wellington Building in the Parliamentary Precinct.  I’ll miss the high ceilings in our current office which were perfect for a ‘office sized” badminton court.  I’m looking forward to being able to control the room temperature in the office though I’ll miss being able to open a window.  I’ll miss having a door to my office space that opens to the hallway, I’ll miss seeing my neighbour Holly who was a great partner for bouncing ideas and political strategy off of.  The new space is a chance to re-organize and de-clutter which is always welcome. So soon I’ll be packing up my thirteen notebooks, and the rest of the stuff in the office.

If you liked this post, you could thank Bob Wiseman, if you didn’t you might be able to blame Bob Wiseman, but he’ll reject your argument he is responsible for it.  For more on Bob Wiseman visit  

I always appreciate the time you; the reader has taken to pop in and read my collected or random ideas.  Thank you.

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