Why Conservatives need to stop being the nasty party

In light of the current Conservative Party of Canada leadership contest, this is a worthy read.


For a long time in UK, Tories were seen as the nasty party. That was a major problem from 1997 to 2010 when party lost three elections and failed to get 1/3 of the vote each time. There was a strong view its nastiness was turning people away and party was becoming one that appealed to an older angry rural population, but not modern UK. Under David Cameron the party modernized to be a more forward looking party that appealed to younger Brits and those that wanted positive conservative solutions. And it paid off as party won 4 straight elections and in power for 12 years and counting.

I feel in Canada our Conservatives are increasingly becoming the mean party that appeals to people’s anger without actual solutions to deal with problems causing them. And just wants to whip up hatred towards so called Liberal elites, CBC, liberal media, and…

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