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132: Hope, the ultimate pay-it-forward (better than coffee)

hopeI have a friend who likes to debate with me (and anyone else who dares try to talk to him about it) about hope,  believing in a higher spirit/God and its benefits. He says he does not deal with the positive or negative, but in facts – they will drive what he believes. My argument to him is what do we have without hope? What reason do we have to get out of bed each morning? Like many, I have my share of mornings where bed was the safest place to be, to stay, so no one could hurt me. I could pull the covers up and cry if I wanted or just close my eyes and see what the world looked or felt like when I opened them again.

I agree that on the surface, some of the facts we see each day present a pretty gloomy picture. To that I would say, scratch the surface, go a few layers down and then tell me what you see, are there people, organizations and actions happening that demonstrate a brighter side that will come – but in time. What drives those people, organizations and actions? Can all these come together without a higher calling that calls us to act? Does it really matter where our individual sense of hope comes from? If we have hope – then we act on it. Acting on our belief in hope is like paying it forward. It’s not unlike having the person in front of you in the drive thru lane pay for your coffee.

For the days where I wonder where my hope has gone, I always remember where it came from. For my friend, religion was a bad experience; I thankfully had the opposite experience. As a kid you don’t always want to church but we went, I never recall a Sunday thinking ‘wow, there’s a couple of hours I’ll never get back.’

I don’t know how my brothers and sister felt about the bible readings after dinner on Sundays – but I was never bored with them. My church upbringing lead me to be coming a Youth Leader at Summer camp and in Church both home in Mississauga and in Ottawa many years later. It for a while almost led me to down the path of becoming a Minister. For whatever reason that never happened, but there was never any regret for doing any of those things.  Those days gave me hope, they still do.

My friend often quotes Sir Winston Churchill as being the only world leader that saw the menace of Adolf Hitler as he reflects on his considerations of world affairs today. I dare say that while Churchill saw things others didn’t or ignored – he had hope. As hopeless as he feels our conversations about religion being a source of hope and good are, I hold out for the day where there might be a hint of consideration that I might have a wee tiny slice of credibility in my argument.

Hope is the invisible and ultimate pay it forward moment for a better day that makes tomorrow a reason for getting out of bed.

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#114 August: How did I do?

C minus

At the start of the month I wrote “What? It’s August? Already?” I mentioned that I would make up for a month of no posts with more activity on this blog. I wrote about writing more, promising posts as follow-ups to previous blog entries and bringing other writers to you by re-blogging quality writers.

Let’s see how August turned out; 7 blog posts (including this) were uploaded, it surpasses any other month in the past 12 months. In June I posted 6 times, I am trending up but not enough. The post I am proudest of is #113 The Art and responsibility of an Apology. If you have not read it please do and let me know if you agree with me or not, don’t hold back.  That post was my second most viewed post in the month, just behind #110 8 Days in July: Clinton 2.0.  Ironically, my post about Trump (#109 8 Days in July: The GOP) barely registered compared to the others in the month.

I also talked about a vlog I’ve planned “Pint of View”, it has moved forward, I have not recorded the test but the content has been developed and it just needs me to have the guts to record it and watch the outcome of the test.

Now, we move to September, a month were the lazy pace of the summer is taken over by the hustle and bustle of back to school and Parliament coming back in Toronto and Ottawa. These fast paced days will provide fodder for blogs and I will be posting more in September than in August – up is the only way to go.

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For August I will give myself a C-, and I can do much better. I hope you will pleased with how September works out for me as the writer and you as the reader.

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rhbs108: What? It’s August? Already?

july to august


…and just like that, it is August…

I realized that it’s the start of August today, July is gone.

There are times when it is best to keep it simple. July was that time, making sure there was time at the end of the day to chill and make sure everyone is alright and leaving the other stuff for another day – or in my case another month.

It is not like I planned not to post, it’s just what happened. But now that it has happened I need, make that want, to get back up and continue sharing with you. I had made some noise a while back about sharing posts of other bloggers and in my post “More than a Coat of Paint” (June 2016), some promises where made about follow up pieces talking about the Ontario government and what we have had to endure for the past few years under the “leadership” of Kathleen Wynne. I will get those up and, as well will share the content of some bloggers from around the world and here in Canada.

I have been planning something new for you called “Pint of View”, it came out of a discussion with a friend and former co-worker of mine who sadly passed away a couple of months ago. I had talked about her and mused about the future in the post from February “Between a Blog and Hard Place”.  Laurel came up with the title and through a continued online chat, a format and was born for a short video blog – a vlog.  The idea is that each post will be no more than between 3 and 5 minutes long and would be topic I would share over a pint, as I would with a friend at a bar, on my balcony or even while driving my car. As I get prepared to launch it,  I am getting set with trial runs and editing to make sure it looks and sounds good – something to be proud of. I hope that it will be live soon and up available on You Tube.

For today, August 1st, I say bah-bye to July and cheers to a new month, it will be a productive, fun and worthwhile effort for me, and I hope you will agree and find it just as enjoyable.

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1578 / Alcalá de Henares / University — a fresh drawing everyday day

Just now at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Graphic Expression congress.

While I struggle at times to come up with a weekly post and relevant content, an example being this week as I missed my self imposed Sunday post deadline, I come across this guy named Hugo (I think) who does not post a word, but a daily sketch!  Pounding out a blog post can be sometimes a challenge knowing the busy lives we lead, but to commit to a drawing a day – that impresses me.

To read Hugo’s story, it started 5 years ago, as Hugo, who is a teacher, challenged his students to draw everyday.  They said he was crazy and to prove them wrong he started his blog – and this post is number 1578.  Let the beauty of this sketch and his 1577 others sink in and may they inspire you to be creative in your own way.

I am challenging myself to add more content and to share some great blog posts that I enjoy with you my readers.  So, I hope to add two posts a week – one original and one a reblog from the WordPress Reader.  It is my goal to be able by the end of the summer to add two original blogs posts and share one each week.  THREE post a week by the end of August.  I am going to be going through the WordPress Reader daily looking for great creative post to share.  If you have a WordPress blog you would like to share e with me, please do…I will share it be re-blogging it.

For now, enjoy Hugo’s sketch of the day, and tomorrow’s…


via 1578 / Alcalá de Henares / University — a fresh drawing everyday day