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Ford’s Honeymoon

217 1Premier Doug Ford’s friendliest newspaper headlines may have come and gone and he was only just sworn in. June 29th was the peak that Premier Ford can expect to reach from most of the print media when it comes to ‘nice’ and even ‘complimentary’ headlines. It will be even worse on Twitter where people’s opinions are thrown around without a care in the world.

The Ontario General Election is not the first to see how social media treats the victors of an election.  Justin Trudeau on his election win in October 2015 was immediately attached to the hashtag #NotmyPrimeMinister by many on the right.  I haven’t used that hashtag and won’t, because Trudeau is my Prime Minister, he just was not MY choice for Prime Minister.  So it will be for Premier Doug Ford as the #NotmyPremier tag (from those on the left) has been spotted on social media. Of course Premier Ford is the Premier for ALL Ontarians and if those who didn’t vote for the Ontario PC Party want to express their displeasure they should actually use #NotmychoiceforPremier – that would be an accurate statement.

I recall the days following the election of Larry O’Brien as Mayor of Ottawa in 2010 where the newspaper headlines were positive and complimentary.  That didn’t last long and within weeks the headlines were slowly turning against him. His honeymoon did not last long.  Justin Trudeau had one of the longest post election Honeymoon periods I have ever witnessed – it finally ended when the promise of election reform died.  With the legalization of Marijuana, he can only hope to be as high in the polls as he was 12 months ago.

217 2As for Premier Ford, as long as he keeps his campaign promises, his honeymoon with Ford Nation will continue, and that’ll be how he’ll gauge how well he is doing. Worrying about what others have thought has never been too much of a concern, as long as he had Ford Nation behind him was happy.  Ford now has 20 new Cabinet Ministers working with him for the people of Ontario.  The work of his new government starts now, and beginning on July 11thhe have the opportunity to face the NDP opposition as Queen’s Park will sit for a rare summer session to bring in legislation to act on key campaign commitments.

For now, the honeymoon goes until July 11th and after that we’ll see if the media give Ford the same pass they gave Trudeau for the first year and allow him (Ford) to govern with the style and substance he campaigned on.

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Political Smoke & Fire

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In one day the Ontario NDP revealed major planks of their platform, the Ontario Liberals used prorogation and had the Lt.-Governor to read a list of election promises, I mean a speech from the throne, and in the same evening the Ontario PC Party held a Unity Rally. Tanya Granic Allen, Caroline Mulroney, Christine Elliot joined leader Doug Ford and 2000 Party members came together against one person – Kathleen Wynne.

In the events of that day, it turns out it was all a smoke screen, because after the smoke cleared we saw that the fire of an energetic campaign was just catching. In the 74 days (at the time this was posted) leading up to the June 7th Ontario election, expect to see more smoke behind a lot of fire. All parties have enough to battle that each of the three main parties will put up a smoke screen while fanning flames to get their own supporters out to vote.

Typically we think of smoke and mirrors, but in politics it is smoke and fire.

Let’s start with the NDP. To understand the dilemma Andrea Horwath has, Kathleen Wynne has moved the Liberals so far left that they are claiming some of the NDP’s ideas as theirs. Wynne introduced OHIP+, free prescriptions for everyone under 25, and now with the throne speech, they are going full blown Pharmacare. These are classic NDP platform ideas. They’ve never had to really cost them out because the Liberals have taken them and implemented them. So what’s Ms. Horwath to do? With the Liberals camping their election plans the NDP backyard, they need to hide that they are not relevant anymore. They need to come out with fire that Liberals are just “Leftist Lightweights” that the socially conscience need to come home to the Orange.

NDP Smoke: Don’t believe the rhetoric that the NDP will break the province, the Liberals have already done that

NDP Fire: We thought of it first, Wynne implemented it. Vote for the original.

You just know that the Liberals, and I mean every liberal in North American is going to throw everything they have at Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party. It’s already started with American media outlets wondering how a ‘mini-trump’ could be elected in Canada these days? Liberals have nothing else, their accomplishments are tarred by spending, scandal and guilty verdicts.  Coming out of the PC Leadership Ford was the best hope and their worst fear that Kathleen Wynne could have. So what is Ford and the PC team to do? Let Ford be Ford he is his best PR machine.  He is not his brother, he not #45, he is Doug and Doug won over the PC Party Membership and the last two weeks has seen him tour  the province and unite Ontario PC voters.

PC Smoke: You don’t know the real Doug Ford, when you do, you’ll be better for it.

PC Fire: We can’t afford Liberals, they can’t find saving because their friends are taking your money, I will find the savings.

What is there to say about the Ontario Liberals and Kathleen Wynne that polls, commentators and 8 out of 10 Ontarians haven’t already said; ‘there is no way she can win this election’, ‘why is she even running, why not step down’. Never underestimate just how hard an Ontario Liberal Leader will work in a campaign. First though Wynne has to get past just how much Ontarians have had enough of her and her government. Having Ford as her main opponent just might be her best weapon, if Ontarians are willing to…

Liberal Smoke: Never mind what we’ve spent, look what we got you!

Liberal Fire: You don’t know the real Doug Ford, when you do, you won’t like him.

Take cover, the writ drops soon!

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Stairway to Queens Park


Confession time, I am thoroughly enjoying my Led Zeppelin phase of music appreciation. This is something I should have done at least 30 years ago – but at 54 there is no reason to hold back and no time like the present to appreciate the musicianship and creativity of Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Robert Plant. I caught on easily to the solo material of Robert Plant when it came out, but never delved into Zeppelin. My inspiration has been reading “Led Zeppelin: When giants walked the earth” by Mick Wall. So now I am filling my mind with the story of one of the world’s greatest rock bands and the walls of my home with their music.

In thinking of what the band accomplished in the less than four years from its formation in 1968 to the release of the ‘Untitled’ fourth Album I think of the tinkering, criticisms, challenges and changes in music style that contributed to what came in late ‘71 – the classic collection that included “Stairway to Heaven”. For the four of the them, there was always the belief that they were the greatest band, ever.

Through the riffs, solos and amazing heavy hand of “Bonzo” John Bonham my mind turns to the leadership race for the Ontario PC Party and what can be accomplished in about the same amount of time between May 2015 and late 2018 – the next scheduled election in Ontario.

Five candidates are now touring Ontario vying for support and memberships leading to the votes the first week of May and the announcement on Saturday May 9th of the vote results. What happens after the 9th is going to be the tinkering, criticisms, challenges and changes that will contribute to the belief of the Ontario PC Party that under the new leader Ontario will have a PC Government.

What I expect to see with a new leader is that the other members of the ‘band’ will fall in behind and be as one to the voters of Ontario. A united front is the only way that Ontario Conservatives can be successful in the goal of winning in 2018.

In the same way that Led Zeppelin resisted the advice of critics and their record label and did not create a “Whole Lotta Love 2” on their 3rd Album, they instead went with a new direction – one that satisfied themselves and their fans. The fans not deterred by sombre review of “III”, continued by the thousands to buy the vinyl and attend the shows in Halls, Arenas, Festivals and small clubs. The Ontario PC Party with a new leader and direction must go out and win the support of voters one by one and not with winning over the pundits. The pundits and commentators will be won over by the success the leader has with Party members and the voters of Ontario.

As Page and company did from 1968 in changing from the “New Yardbirds” to Led Zeppelin and leading to 1971 and “Four”, the Ontario PC Party will also be the authors of their ‘untitled’ success moving from Hudak to ????? and with the four unsuccessful leadership candidates contributing, the new leader will bring to Ontario; a Progressive Conservative government in the same period of time.

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Off and Running, but standing firm!

We are off and running, but I am standing firm on what Ottawa Centre and Ontario need.  It will be easy to say what has been wrong for the past few years, but let’s look at what is doable to make Ontario better.

The difficult list is the list that needs to be addressed, and Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC’s have addressed it.  So let’s take a look:

  1. Jobs, we need an aggressive jobs plan that will put Ontario back to work.  The #MillionJobsPlan will do that over the next four years, a PC government will implement a program that will produce good paying skilled jobs.  The Liberals and the Howarth NDP have no creditable plan to create the jobs that our youth and workers have left the province in search of.
  1. Our Debt and Deficit MUST be addressed or we will continue the spiral that started when the McGuinty Liberals took control of Ontario.  We must reduce our spending.  Reducing a deficit doesn’t mean spending more and we can no longer wait for the Liberals to figure this out.
  1. People should not have to make choices like ‘eat or heat’ or ‘a light or a bite’.  Affordable energy can be a reality, it takes one move to start the process, end the green energy program as it is.  The thousands of jobs the Liberals promised in the program never materialized.  We’ve taken majestic views and ruined them, just try looking at Wolfe Island from the shores of Kingston and  tell me that’s a ‘postcard’ shot.

I know that this message will be popular with Ontario PC’s, but what is needed to have this message spread to those voters that seem to think “what’s the point”?  Tonight my team found one such voter.  He may have not voted in the past because of “what’s the point”, but he now he’ll vote and on June 12th he’ll vote PC.

There are few people that feel that Liberal spending is “water under the bridge” or a “simple mistake”.  Mistakes don’t cost billions…not listening to the public and refusing to do what is right the FIRST time cost billions…the Ontario Liberals have cost you and every other Ontarian Billions.

In Ottawa Centre your MPP should be standing up for your local concerns AND work to build a better Ontario that is working.  Voting PC in Ottawa Centre is the right choice.  That’s why I’m running to be your Ottawa Centre MPP and why I am standing firm on what Ottawa Centre and Ontario need.

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Making Ottawa Greater

Paths to Prospertity Hudak Blue

As Ontario’s second largest city, Ottawa has much to gain from the Ontario PC “Great Cities” White Paper released last month.   The 15th  of a series of documents that will start the conversation of just how a Tim Hudak Government can put our Province and our Cities on track to become prosperous and creating economic growth and jobs.

With 15 Paths identified to make our Cities great, there are several that have a direct impact on the Greater Ottawa Area.

Path #1 …uploading of Hwy 174 to the Province…

While on the surface it may not seem like such a big deal, the uploading of the cost of caring for Highway 174 is important.  The money the City attributes to this road can now be reallocated to several other urgent transportation issues Ottawa faces including but limited to Transit, LRT, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Path #3 …no new taxes…

Words that Ontarians want to hear.  Increased fees and taxes are a hallmark of the Liberal Government; the Ontario PC’s would not introduce new taxes to fund transportation and transit construction.

Path #8 …the province should use Private-Public Partnerships for the provision of future affordable housing…

Organizations like The Alliance to End Homelessness, have long been advocating for new affordable housing.  This path also benefits the Centretown Citizen’s Ottawa Corporation, a non-profit housing organization with over 1600 units in Ottawa, who will look to add more in the city.

Path 12 …make our Downtowns even better places to live…people in Condo deserve good access to schools, libraries and recreational facilities…

Paths 13 …keep property taxes down and fix Ontario’s arbitration system to take into account people’s ability to pay…

We need to ensure that we slow down to ever increasing cost of living.  A big part of that needs to make sure that arbitrators not only look at wages they award, but the impact of the arbitration awards on the people paying taxes for those increases.

Big Cities attract some of the most vulnerable in our society as they seek better lives.  The Ontario Great Cities plan also includes paths that are directed to helping these women, children, youth and men.

Path 14 …expose at risk teens to economic, educational and training opportunities…

Paths 15 …identify and treat children with mental health and autism in a timely way…

Paths 16 …treat chronic homelessness as a mental health and addiction issue, not simple a poverty issue…

“Building Greater Cities” takes a lot work, a plan and the political will to make it happen – to make our cities a great place to live for everyone.  The Ontario PC 15th White Paper shows that Tim Hudak and PC’s care and wants to make your city great and prosperous.

If you believe this is what we need to do, please support me in Ottawa Centre and Tim Hudak in Ontario by donating at www.robertdekker.ca.  Only through an Ontario PC/Tim Hudak government can we make the turn and help everyone live in a Great City!  The read the entire document visit www.ontariopc.com.

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The Drive for the Ontario PC Five: An Open Letter to PC Supporters in Ontario By-Elections

Matt and TimAn open riding is a gift for opposition parties.  For Ontario voters, Christmas came in July when Kathleen Wynne called 5 By-Elections for Liberal held ridings to take place August 1st.   We are in the last four days from today (July 28th) for all parties to canvass those undecided voters and to make sure supporters know where to vote and make sure they get out and vote.

This is the week of the Drive for the Ontario PC Five.

I won’t get into polls and the results that have been reported, they have been motivation for our PC Candidates and their teams to work harder, reach more people and prepare better for Election Day. Make no mistake though, the polls numbers will also be motivation for the other parties and candidates to prove the numbers wrong.  Our candidates need you to prove the momentum to elect Ontario PC’s is on track.

Ontario PC’s have a unique chance to really make a statement to Premier Wynne and Former Premier McGuinty that we have had it – and change is coming.  These by-elections are only the first step!

Rather than spit out more motivational statements to get you out to canvass, volunteer and VOTE I will provide you with the information you need to help you help the Drive for the Ontario PC Five:

In Ottawa South to help Matt Young replace Dalton McGuinty as MPP:

Phone: 613-604-4564

eMail: info@mattyoungpc.ca

To help Doug Holyday take Etobicoke-Lakeshore:

Phone: 416-364-2800

eMail: info@dougholyday.ca

To elect Ali Chahbar in London West:

Phone: 519-601-3575

EMail: info@alichahbar.ca

To have Ken Kirupa elected in Scarborough Guildwood:

Phone: 416-294-9322

eMail: ken@kenkirupa.ca

In Windsor Tecumseh to have Robert de Verteuil elected:

Phone: 519-962-9098

eMail: https://secure.ontariopc.com/volunteer/102

Use the information provided above to send a message to the Liberal Government that as Ontarians, we have had enough of Liberal mismanagement of our government and finances.

Thursday I will be out working for Matt in Ottawa South and then I’ll be attending to an Election Night event looking for good results and five new Ontario PC MPPs.

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