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Stairway to Queens Park


Confession time, I am thoroughly enjoying my Led Zeppelin phase of music appreciation. This is something I should have done at least 30 years ago – but at 54 there is no reason to hold back and no time like the present to appreciate the musicianship and creativity of Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Robert Plant. I caught on easily to the solo material of Robert Plant when it came out, but never delved into Zeppelin. My inspiration has been reading “Led Zeppelin: When giants walked the earth” by Mick Wall. So now I am filling my mind with the story of one of the world’s greatest rock bands and the walls of my home with their music.

In thinking of what the band accomplished in the less than four years from its formation in 1968 to the release of the ‘Untitled’ fourth Album I think of the tinkering, criticisms, challenges and changes in music style that contributed to what came in late ‘71 – the classic collection that included “Stairway to Heaven”. For the four of the them, there was always the belief that they were the greatest band, ever.

Through the riffs, solos and amazing heavy hand of “Bonzo” John Bonham my mind turns to the leadership race for the Ontario PC Party and what can be accomplished in about the same amount of time between May 2015 and late 2018 – the next scheduled election in Ontario.

Five candidates are now touring Ontario vying for support and memberships leading to the votes the first week of May and the announcement on Saturday May 9th of the vote results. What happens after the 9th is going to be the tinkering, criticisms, challenges and changes that will contribute to the belief of the Ontario PC Party that under the new leader Ontario will have a PC Government.

What I expect to see with a new leader is that the other members of the ‘band’ will fall in behind and be as one to the voters of Ontario. A united front is the only way that Ontario Conservatives can be successful in the goal of winning in 2018.

In the same way that Led Zeppelin resisted the advice of critics and their record label and did not create a “Whole Lotta Love 2” on their 3rd Album, they instead went with a new direction – one that satisfied themselves and their fans. The fans not deterred by sombre review of “III”, continued by the thousands to buy the vinyl and attend the shows in Halls, Arenas, Festivals and small clubs. The Ontario PC Party with a new leader and direction must go out and win the support of voters one by one and not with winning over the pundits. The pundits and commentators will be won over by the success the leader has with Party members and the voters of Ontario.

As Page and company did from 1968 in changing from the “New Yardbirds” to Led Zeppelin and leading to 1971 and “Four”, the Ontario PC Party will also be the authors of their ‘untitled’ success moving from Hudak to ????? and with the four unsuccessful leadership candidates contributing, the new leader will bring to Ontario; a Progressive Conservative government in the same period of time.

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