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Surprises of 2017

Surprise BBT 22017 was not as surprising as the year before it, but there were expectations that were not met.

We said farewell to some great performers in 2017 including Tom Petty and Gord Downie. Here, once again, is a list from CNN – let’s hope that there will be no more to add before the end of the year; http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/16/world/gallery/people-we-lost-in-2017/index.html

Yep, #Canada150 was not like #Canada1967. The biggest event of the summer was not Canada Day but the invasion of a Dragon and Spider.

The Ottawa Senators were 1 goal away from Stanley Cup Finals in the spring but as 2017 ends they are far from a playoff spot.

Ministers Morneau, Sajjan, Hehr & Joly (and not in a good way).

Our Prime Minister was found to have broken ethics and conflict of interest rules.

The Ottawa Fury switched leagues and still did not make the playoffs.

The Ottawa Redblacks lost too many close games and could not repeat as Grey Cup Champs.

Doing some work in the Whip’s office is pretty exciting!

Work took me to 9 provinces, saw the East & West Coasts and I drove across the Confederation Bridge. What an experience talking to Canadians and Veterans across Canada.

The Calgary Stampeders lost the second Grey Cup in a row they should have won.

A new City of Champions? The Argos won the Grey Cup and Toronto FC won the MLS Cup. Both games had snow.

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi broke more records on its opening weekend.

November 26, 2017, 36,000 people saw a snowy and cold Grey Cup game at TD Place;

December 19, 1917 6,000 people saw the inaugural NHL game between Montreal and Ottawa in Dey’s Arena. Almost 100 years later (December 16 2017) 34,000 people watched the NHL100 Classic outdoors between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadians at the TD Place stadium in -11C weather.

I had high hopes for the new Gordon Lightfoot biography; those hopes were dashed with less Lightfoot than I thought.

Who can believe that the Beatles Channel on Sirius XM is what I mostly I listen to?

The Tragically Hip delivered again, the movie “Long Time Running” delivered all the emotion and music from last year Man Machine Poem Tour.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson is becoming a grumpy old man.

Support of the NDP continued to collapse in by-elections across Canada.

While considered the front-runner, Maxime Bernier didn’t have the steam to become Conservative Leader. That being said, Andrew Scheer is a breathe of fresh air as Leader of the Conservative Party.

Justin Trudeau is older than NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and CPC Leader Andrew Scheer.

Kathleen Wynne did not let all-time lows stop her from staying as Premier of Ontario

There is a revolving door at the White House with key staff coming and going. Somehow Donald J Trump is still here and did not fade away – not even a little.

This is my 200th #RedHeartBlueSign Post that I have written, really…200!

What surprised you in 2017? Please leave a comment with your top 3 surprises.

Finally, thank you for reading #RedheartBlueSign in 2017. With 65 posts, 1000+ visitors and over 1300 views again, it was another good year. I hope you’ll continue to read in ’18, with two elections coming there will be a lot to be seen. i

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