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How to win (not lose) an election


In essence the plan to win an election is easy, it can be described in four easy steps.

  1. Brand your leader in a positive light
  2. Have a platform that is friendly and believable
  3. Frame the other parties, and their leaders as less than undesirable
  4. Do not make any errors or missteps

Since the loss to the Liberals in 2003 the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party have tried three times to get back to government. Looking at the four easy step lets revisit the elections of 2007, 2011, 2014 and look ahead to the 2018 election.

2007 Election Result: Liberal Majority

The story of the 2007 election was that the Liberals were able to frame Leader John Tory on the promise to publically fund faith-based schools. Tory was branded as out of touch with Ontarians on this issue and the majority of the voters disagreed with the idea of extending funding past the Public and Catholic school boards. While all parties were able to manage the first two steps, the PC’s lost the war in step three and with a flip flop to hold a free vote on the funding issue – John Tory was the leader with the largest misstep.

2011 Election Result: Liberal Minority

Both the PC’s and NDP had new leaders. The Liberals stuck with Dalton McGuinty who was not experiencing the same popularity as he did four years earlier. The trouble was that Ontario voters did not know who Tim Hudak was. The PC’s failed to capitalize on a new leader facing a tired Premier who really should have lost as the City of Toronto had voted in populist Rob Ford as Mayor and the Liberals federally were taking a pounding. The problem was not branding Hudak as the guy Ontario needs; rather going with a leader Ontario knew was the better option for the voters. As for the four steps, the PC’s lost number 1, and didn’t do well enough in the other three to recover from a lackluster branding of their leader.

2014 Election Result: Liberal Majority

This was an election Tim Hudak had in the bag, and lost it with not bad policy – but bad branding. The Liberals had a new Premier, Kathleen Wynne, who took over after McGuinty rolled up his sleeves for a press conference and threw in the towel. Polls were tight between the Liberals and PC, but Conservatives thought they had a winner of a platform. The double double of creating 1 million jobs in 10 years along with reducing the civil service through attrition by 100,000 was labelled as bad math and Hudak would fire 100,000 government workers. The PC’s were not able to define their message ahead of the Liberals doing it for them. The PC’s lost all four steps of how to win an election.

2018 Election Result: TBD

Up until the end of January this was Patrick Brown’s election to win with a leader that was doing well and the People’s Guarantee platform, then stuff happened and the PC’s held a lickety split leadership and elected Doug Ford to lead the party to the June 7th election. Wynne was sinking in the polls, and the PC’s had high polling results, without a leader. Ford is the new guy, but he’s not inexperienced and so far neither Wynne nor the NDP have been able to put a label on him. The liberals will have to hang all their hopes on their election budget, however Ontarians seem to be seeing through the “buy your vote” spend to win platform. Andrea Horwath is in this for the third time running leader for the NDP.

Looking at our four steps, Doug Ford is a brand in itself, so far it’s a brand that people are not running away from, the polls still indicate a huge loss for Wynne and big win for Ford. With Ford dumping most of the People’s Guarantee, he has to present a platform that voters will see as sensible and achievable and he is clearly making his point that the Liberals are done. All that is left is for Doug Ford is to avoid the misstep history that claimed John Tory and Tim Hudak and finally bring the PC’s back to government.

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Off and Running, but standing firm!

We are off and running, but I am standing firm on what Ottawa Centre and Ontario need.  It will be easy to say what has been wrong for the past few years, but let’s look at what is doable to make Ontario better.

The difficult list is the list that needs to be addressed, and Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC’s have addressed it.  So let’s take a look:

  1. Jobs, we need an aggressive jobs plan that will put Ontario back to work.  The #MillionJobsPlan will do that over the next four years, a PC government will implement a program that will produce good paying skilled jobs.  The Liberals and the Howarth NDP have no creditable plan to create the jobs that our youth and workers have left the province in search of.
  1. Our Debt and Deficit MUST be addressed or we will continue the spiral that started when the McGuinty Liberals took control of Ontario.  We must reduce our spending.  Reducing a deficit doesn’t mean spending more and we can no longer wait for the Liberals to figure this out.
  1. People should not have to make choices like ‘eat or heat’ or ‘a light or a bite’.  Affordable energy can be a reality, it takes one move to start the process, end the green energy program as it is.  The thousands of jobs the Liberals promised in the program never materialized.  We’ve taken majestic views and ruined them, just try looking at Wolfe Island from the shores of Kingston and  tell me that’s a ‘postcard’ shot.

I know that this message will be popular with Ontario PC’s, but what is needed to have this message spread to those voters that seem to think “what’s the point”?  Tonight my team found one such voter.  He may have not voted in the past because of “what’s the point”, but he now he’ll vote and on June 12th he’ll vote PC.

There are few people that feel that Liberal spending is “water under the bridge” or a “simple mistake”.  Mistakes don’t cost billions…not listening to the public and refusing to do what is right the FIRST time cost billions…the Ontario Liberals have cost you and every other Ontarian Billions.

In Ottawa Centre your MPP should be standing up for your local concerns AND work to build a better Ontario that is working.  Voting PC in Ottawa Centre is the right choice.  That’s why I’m running to be your Ottawa Centre MPP and why I am standing firm on what Ottawa Centre and Ontario need.

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Wynne Budget does not deliver what Ontario needs NOW

O T T A W A  C E N T R E  R I D I N G  A S S O C I A T I O N


 May 2, 2014

The Liberal government proved once again today they have no viable plan to turn our province around; their only plan is to suffocate Ontarians with more debt.

“If you’ve ever wondered why our leader Tim Hudak is focused on our provinces debt, deficit and job creation, Kathleen Wynne provided a snapshot of that today,”  Said Rob Dekker.

Kathleen Wynne has had a year to prove she is different than her predecessor Dalton McGuinty, yesterday she delivered a Bob Rae NDP style budget – Ontario can no longer afford the reckless tax and spend policies of the Ontario Liberal – NDP coalition.

“Tim Hudak and the entire PC Caucus have a plan to get Ontario working and on the track to balanced budgets with his Million Jobs Plan, Ontario can’t wait any longer to see this plan roll out” said Dekker.

Dekker commented – the Liberal tax and spend budget compounds already historic levels of provincial debt and will only add to our growing unemployment rate constructed by their failed economic policies.

In the year since becoming Premier, Kathleen Wynne has pushed the provincial debt to $290 billion, the highest debt of any province in Canada and we will see our deficit grow to $12.5 billion – which is more than all of the other provinces combined.

–30 –

For further information contact:

Rob Dekker, Ottawa Centre PC Candidate



One Million Jobs

Million Jobs

This past week, Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak announced his intention to introduce “The Million Jobs Act”.  It will be part of the Ontario PC platform when the next Provincial Election is called as there is little hope that the Ontario Liberals and NDP will embrace the act in Queens Park and pass the Act into law.

The act is based on five courses of action that need to be taken to bring good paying jobs to Ontario.

1.    Produce more jobs and increase take home pay through lower taxes and less debt.

The need to reduce our debt, Ontario’s debt has doubled from $139M to $273M since 2013.  It is on course to exceed $300M by 2015.  The Million Jobs Act will use tools, such as a government wage freeze and reduce taxes on employers so hiring can start once again.

2.    Ensure affordable energy that will create jobs, not eliminate them

The government has ignored the broader economy by focusing on creating jobs in the energy sector itself.  The government seems intent on making consumers pay the increased cost to achieve a narrow goal in this province.

The Ontario PC Party has been consistent in saying it will end the expensive subsidies paid for the Government’s Green Energy Plan.  The Plan is driving the cost of energy up in this province.  Ontario industries pay an average $85/megawatt hour, a 100% increase of that paid in Manitoba, Quebec and Michigan.

3.    Train more skilled workers to meet the demand in trades, help young people find good jobs

The Million Jobs Act will change the apprentice to journeyman ratio to 1:1.  The Act also eliminates the College of Trades which is another financial burden to workers and does little to create new jobs. (Read my November 29th Post “Making Workers Pay”)

Under the Liberal Government, over 300k government jobs have been created while the same number of manufacturing jobs has left our province.

4.    Increase trade with our neighbours

The Million Jobs Act will start negotiations for Ontario to have trade agreements with Canada’s Western provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.  Ontario needs to eliminate barriers that are costing the Ontario the ability to get the great products made here to the rest of the country.  Increased markets to our good will increase jobs and manufacturing.

5.    End bureaucratic runaround that inhibits job creation

The Ontario PC Party has been stating the need to cut the red tape in government since 2011, this costs Ontario businesses approximately $11 Billion annually.  The number of regulatory requirements needs to be reduced.

Over the course of three years 30% of unnecessary red tape will be eliminated.

One Million New Jobs, it is not just an act, but a promise to Ontario.  Under an Ontario PC Government, Ministers and the Premier will be held responsible for meeting targets in reduced spending and bureaucracy.  It is this type of dedication and focus on the economy and the Ontario taxpayers that will result in the growth and success that Ontarians needs and want.

If you believe this is what we need to do, please support me in Ottawa Centre and Tim Hudak in Ontario by donating at www.robertdekker.ca.  Only through an Ontario PC/Tim Hudak government can we make the turn and help everyone in Ontario.  You can see more on the Million Jobs Act at www.ontariopc.com.

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Making Ottawa Greater

Paths to Prospertity Hudak Blue

As Ontario’s second largest city, Ottawa has much to gain from the Ontario PC “Great Cities” White Paper released last month.   The 15th  of a series of documents that will start the conversation of just how a Tim Hudak Government can put our Province and our Cities on track to become prosperous and creating economic growth and jobs.

With 15 Paths identified to make our Cities great, there are several that have a direct impact on the Greater Ottawa Area.

Path #1 …uploading of Hwy 174 to the Province…

While on the surface it may not seem like such a big deal, the uploading of the cost of caring for Highway 174 is important.  The money the City attributes to this road can now be reallocated to several other urgent transportation issues Ottawa faces including but limited to Transit, LRT, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Path #3 …no new taxes…

Words that Ontarians want to hear.  Increased fees and taxes are a hallmark of the Liberal Government; the Ontario PC’s would not introduce new taxes to fund transportation and transit construction.

Path #8 …the province should use Private-Public Partnerships for the provision of future affordable housing…

Organizations like The Alliance to End Homelessness, have long been advocating for new affordable housing.  This path also benefits the Centretown Citizen’s Ottawa Corporation, a non-profit housing organization with over 1600 units in Ottawa, who will look to add more in the city.

Path 12 …make our Downtowns even better places to live…people in Condo deserve good access to schools, libraries and recreational facilities…

Paths 13 …keep property taxes down and fix Ontario’s arbitration system to take into account people’s ability to pay…

We need to ensure that we slow down to ever increasing cost of living.  A big part of that needs to make sure that arbitrators not only look at wages they award, but the impact of the arbitration awards on the people paying taxes for those increases.

Big Cities attract some of the most vulnerable in our society as they seek better lives.  The Ontario Great Cities plan also includes paths that are directed to helping these women, children, youth and men.

Path 14 …expose at risk teens to economic, educational and training opportunities…

Paths 15 …identify and treat children with mental health and autism in a timely way…

Paths 16 …treat chronic homelessness as a mental health and addiction issue, not simple a poverty issue…

“Building Greater Cities” takes a lot work, a plan and the political will to make it happen – to make our cities a great place to live for everyone.  The Ontario PC 15th White Paper shows that Tim Hudak and PC’s care and wants to make your city great and prosperous.

If you believe this is what we need to do, please support me in Ottawa Centre and Tim Hudak in Ontario by donating at www.robertdekker.ca.  Only through an Ontario PC/Tim Hudak government can we make the turn and help everyone live in a Great City!  The read the entire document visit www.ontariopc.com.

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College of Raids


This past week it was reported that a Barber has had his shop shut down because he doesn’t know about foils, colours and the latest in hair styles even though none of his clients ask for these treatments.

Read the story here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ontario-barbers-forced-to-learn-women-s-styling-techniques-1.2326264

The low down is that the College of Trades knows there is an inequity in this sector but is unprepared to allow this to slide until a study that is to take up to two years is completed.  Until then – if an inspector comes in and there is no licence, there will be a fine (tax), not once but potentially twice and eventually a shut down order.  These shut downs are going to be costly as many Barbers are self employed and also hire out chairs in their shops to others.

The College of Raids is nothing but a Liberal idea that does nothing but increases the cost of owning a business and load more red tape to business owners in this province.  No one can say why it was even created, It’s just duplicated services that were currently in existence in Ontario.

The Ontario PC’s have been clear that the College of Trade would be on the line to be abolished and the tax it was created to collect would disappear.  The College of Raids is another tax disguised as a ‘positive revenue generator’.  The PC Critic for Trades and Apprenticeship, Garth Dunlop (MPP Simcoe North) has toured the Province and is a vocal critic of the `College`.  While the `College` of Trades is not at the same level as the Green Energy Program when it comes to increased costs of business, it is another example of a misguided program from a misguided government that is costing Ontarians, only this time it is costing jobs and a livelihood.

While the story of these Ontario Barbers is only one to be heard at the present time, what other `trades` are going to be at the mercy of Ontario`s Trade Raiders?

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Connecting the dots…to Jobs and a better Ontario

jobsThis week Ontario Energy Minister ‘Bob’ announced an increase in the Hydro rates we will be charged.  We don’t even get time to adjust as the increases take place November 1st.  While I won’t go into their Red Green Energy Act, the increased rates further signify the failure of the Ontario Liberals to grasp that their plan is failing and our provinces’ economy cannot succeed with their ‘plan’.  In Sunday’s Toronto Sun Lorrie Goldstein presents a very good analysis of the McGuinty-Wynne handling of this file, you can read it here: http://www.torontosun.com/2013/10/18/wynnes-electricity-disaster.

Let’s connect the dots to more jobs and a better Ontario

First, let’s take steps for Balancing the Ontario Budget.  Balanced Budgets lead to economic growth, this step alone encourages confidence in our province and will see manufacturers, entrepreneurs and new innovative businesses come back to Ontario…

…Modernize our Apprenticeship Program by looking at what other provinces have successfully done.  In Ontario have a one to one apprenticeship program.  Eliminate costly bureaucracies as in the College of Trades and cancel additional fees paid by our skilled trades people…

…do as our Federal Government has been doing, increase free trade.  Working with other provinces, Ontario can have freer trade between provincial boundaries.  Greater access to Ontario produced goods in Canada and globally creates a stronger economy and creates employment…

…Freer trade includes the unhindered flow of workers from province to province.  The current Minister of Labour, and Ottawa Centre MPP, sees no issues in a problem currently prohibiting Ontario workers from working certain areas of employment in Quebec.  Equal access helps both provinces…

…create a more liveable and healthier Ontario so those unable to work due to health concerns can become employable again through healthier lifestyles.  This includes more affordable housing, access to eating better, recreational activities and better/quicker access to healthcare…

…Make it easier and affordable for businesses to run in Ontario with lowering the cost of doing business here.  Higher hydro and tax rates hinder businesses from setting up shop in Ontario.  Stop regulation creep and eliminate anti-competitive regulations…

…Lastly, let’s maintain balanced budgets.  Economic growth leads to balanced budgets and reducing our overall debt.

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