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Drop the puck already!

It will have been the longest pre-game show in a while in Ontario.  The team Captain of the home team just announced her starting line up a week ago.  In a twist of a regular hockey match there will be two other teams on the ice.  One has been busy putting out line combos that could represent what the new home team would ice as a team while the other seems to have been watching everything  from the benches.  The puck is set to drop on February 19th on Queens Park.

Its said politics is more like hockey than it is ballet; in Ontario it has been a bit of both since Dalton McGuinty prorogued Queen’s Park (read my October 16th post ‘Gone? Not Really…).  The Ontario Liberal party has been on tiptoes on major issues, going so far as to not barely talking about ORNGE, Gas plant closure/movement and eHealth during the leadership race and debates.

On Tuesday the ballet slippers come off and the skates are on.

In Ottawa we’ll be watching if the Energy portfolio is Bob Chiarelli’s undoing as a Minister and an MPP, he’ll be responsible for the $1 Billion plus move of two gas plants, just to save a government from defeat and a Green Energy Plan that is having people see red.  I’ll be keeping an eye on freshly minted Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi; he’ll now wear the chain of office call Bill 119.  His bill will cost small companies and organizations in Ottawa Centre and Ontario more money to support an outdated and poorly run WSIB.  The Liberal way of gathering more money and throwing it a problem is not the fix needed for the WSIB and our employees who have been denied support.  While as President of the OLP he was able to escape the some responsibility for the problems of the Ontario Government, he now has no escape from accepting the accountability that has put Ontario in the hole, downgraded, jobless and looking for federal handouts.

In “Gone? Not Really…” I wrote that “Ontario will not truly be ready to be a leader in Canada until McGuinty is REALLY gone as is the Liberal Party of Ontario as the governing party.”  With a McGuinty Minister now as Premier and the Health Minister also serving as Deputy Premier, it looks like the Liberals will be icing the same team as before.

Drop the puck already, can the gloves for far behind?

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